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Identifying the Right Restoration Parts


This is the correct C80E 9431-B exhaust manifold for the 428 CJ. Note how difficult it is to read the numbers plus these are on the back side of the manifold!
This is the correct C80E 9431-B exhaust manifold for the 428 CJ. Note how difficult it is to read the numbers plus these are on the back side of the manifold!

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in the value of our cars and with that an increased interest in doing 100 point correct restorations. Previously we have seen most restored Talladega and Spoiler cars restored to be driven. These cars were usually to a high quality but more of an emphasis towards comfort, safety and convenience rather than correctness. We have also noted an increased level of interest on this web site for the use of correct factory parts and markings.

Thanks to Guru Rick Ochs we are expanding our technical information to help you all with making your cars more correct. Although Rick has an excellent background on the Talladega and much of what applies to the Ts also applies to the Cyclones, we need help with the in depth information on the Mercury cars. If you have the desire and historical technical background we would appreciate hearing from you on similar subjects.

The following was submitted by Rick and as usual we greatly appreciate his knowledge and support. Thanks Rick. 

There will be more to come but let’s start with the Talladega Carburator. Since all of the Talladegas came with the C6 transmission they all should have a Holley with the carb horn stamped C90F – H. This is a 735 CFM carb with basic number 9510.

The correct Distributor for a Talladega will carry stamping C80F-H with the basic number 12127. It is not a dual point distributor, it is a single point with a single vacuum advance unit.

The correct Intake Manifold will carry casting number C80E 9424-C; this is a dual plane intake.

The Exhaust Manifolds should be same as the CJ ‘s used. The Casting Number C80E 9431-B for the left side. The right side will be Casting Number C80E-9428-D. Both sides will have 16 holes.

This is the correct right exhaust manifold for the 428 CJ.
This is the correct right exhaust manifold for the 428 CJ.

The correct Heads will have casting numbers C80E-6090-N with 16 bolts at the exhaust ports.

This is just a start on the casting numbers and part numbers used on the Talladega. We will bring more in the future but it is also important to have the correct date codes when they are used. You want to have a date with the correct lead time for your car’s build date. Most restoration experts feel the lead time can be as little as two weeks up to six weeks. Others will suggest up to eight weeks.                      .

Casting dates can be found on many parts and will read like: 9A25. To decode this goes like this:

– “9” stands for the last digit of the year, 1969. An “8” would be 1968.

– “A” stands for the month, January.

-“25” stands for the day of the month; the 25th.

For further clarification on the months the following code is used:

A = January

B = February

C = March

D = April

E = May

F = June

G = July

H = August

J = September (Note: Ford did not use the letter “I” it is too easy to confuse with “1”

K = October

L = November

M = December

Ford also used Month Codes for parts used for a Second year. For instance, if you had 1968 Cyclone it could have a casting  number on a part that reads “8 12 E” for 1968 12th day of May.

You could also find a part with a casting month of “V”; this means the part was used a second year in this case 1968/1969.

If you are not confused yet then lets us try a little harder.

Second year codes are :

N = January

P = February

Q = March

R = April

S = May

T = June

U = July

V = August

W = September

X = October

Y = November

Z = December

(The casting/molding numbers are the numbers you find on cast or molded parts. A casting number, for the most part is not the Part Number. For real Part Numbers you have to use one of the Ford parts books to match the two up.

As an example, a Cobra Jet Head is Casting Number C8OE 6090-N. This is the number found on the head between center spark plugs. If you look this number up you will find the heads listed as C8OE 6090-K; the “N” head is January of the second year production and the “K” head is October of the prior year.

Car ID letters are as follows:

-on a Talladega or Torinol Fairlane look for a “O”

-for a Mustang is will be a “Z”

-“D” for a Falcon

-“A” for full size Ford

-“S” for Thunderbird

-“V” for Lincoln

As an example, if a part has a part number C9SE; you will know it is for a 1969 Thunderbird.

If you have any questions on parts or numbering please send them along to rfleener@comcast.net and he will pass them on to Rick or other appropriate Guru.




Some of my first and strongest memories from my childhood relate to cars. I still remember when things happened based on what car I was driving at the time. I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee. I was a Corvette fanatic for years but then re-discovered vintage American Muscle. My wife, Katrina, and I decided we wanted to focus on unique and rare muscle cars. After a lot of research we fell in love with the Ford Blue Oval Aero Cars. These were only built in 1969 and and aerodynamics became an important part of winning races. The only purpose of these limited production cars was to win NASCAR races using the Boss 429 and 427 power plants complimented with a special, wind cheating, aerodynamic body. The Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II are terrific and historic cars. This site is devoted to these car and their owners past and present. We provide an Online Registry for recording the long term history and ownership of every remaining Talladega, Spoiler and Spoiler II.

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  1. As an example, a Cobra Jet Head is Casting Number C8OE 6090-N. This is the number found on the head between center spark plugs. If you look this number up you will find the heads listed as C8OE 6090-K; the “N” head is January of the second year production and the “K” head is October of the prior year.

    Lets make this a bit more clear C8OE 6090 -N is the casting date you will find on your 428 C J heads. The 428 Cobra Jet first hit the dealerships in 1968 that why the heads carry the 1968 ” CASTING ” number (C8O)….. But if you had to order a new head when the Ford parts man looked it up in a Ford parts book it would show “PART” Number C8OE 6090-K. The casting “DATE” is what would tell you the month the head was cast…Point is all 428 C>J heads will have a casting number between the center spark plug holes ending in a N…..Sorry I did not get it to Richard better…..We try …….

  2. Ok. Thanks. Now I AM confused LOL!
    So let me see if I have this right:
    A part with a certain part number, etc. might have a date code of 8K20. The next month that same part, with no engineering changes, would be say 8M20. Then when the new year rolls around, again with no engineering changes, that date code would be 8N20?
    Regards, Jim

    1. We do not mean to Confuse ……but lets look at the “DATE” codes you have listed…. 8K20 that would tell you that part was made cast or molded in 1968 year (8) October the month (K ) on the 20th. day….. than you show 8M20 or that part 8 1968 M December and again 20th day…..
      Now as you point out a new year same part.. no engineering change at all yes the date could be 8 N 20 which would show you that was a 2nd year part cast or molded from same casting molds or molded in the same mold as it was in K of 68…..thing is these are casting dates as you pointed out. Now if as you pointed out a engineering change did take place it would show up in the part number not the date code…..Date codes were added to tell Ford when a part was cast or made so if any problems arose with a batch of parts like poor casting due to sand shifting ..they would re-do that casting than we see a engineering change at the end of the part number like – A or – C A being 1st. run C would be 2nd change from 1st. run….The point here is doing a Talladgea to the highest standards you can ….if you have a intake with the right cast part number
      C80E-9425-C and a casting date of 9F13 is it right for your Big T…….?? A judge may say “Oh it has the right part number” which in fact is the casting number C8OE-9425-C Part number would be C8OE-9425-B does it make it right for that T ??? I mean it is date coded 3 to 4 months after that T left the plant …

  3. We need some clarification.
    1} on the intial thread it is written that the intake casting is 9424-C. I believe the correct intake is cast 9425-C which is later stated by Rick in his response to Jim
    2} Distributor: According to the 1969 car service spec manual produced by Ford 11/68 [page9-7} the correct part number for a CJ with automatic is C8OF-J. The C8OF-H is for a standard trans & has a dual vacuum diaphram.
    3} Note on the CJ exhaust manifolds. Some produced in late 1968 {early production run} will not have gussets between the ports {for strenght} these were added early in the 1969 production. While rare the 68 manifolds are fragile

  4. Edit: The exhaust manifold change that I wrote about is for the passenger side only {the bigger of the two exhaust manifolds}

  5. Clarification : 1) The correct casting # for the Cobra Jet intake is in fact C8OE-9425-C Think this was entered wrong due to the Fact the Part Number which would be in the likes of the Master text or Ford parts book would be C8OE-9424-B .

    2) As Martin points out the Correct casting letter you will or should find on the Talladega Distributor is J …..It is right as to my replay to Mr. Ozinga in the Forum section (Talladega) dated Feb,22,2014……

    3)This is very helpful information : The change Martin is talking about took place around 9-2-1968 The early ones carry the PART NUMBER C8OZ-9431-B and the early ones carry the CASTING NUMBER C8OE-9431-A or it could be a H Left side, and Casting Number C8OE-9431-A or B in fact some of the very early ones showed CASTING NUMBERS XE-142271 really rare… Point being the Talladega one’s will carry the CASTING NUMBER ( Left SIDE )C80E-9431-B AND THE RIGHT SIDE CASTING NUMBER C8OE-9428-D.

    Sorry for any confusion this may have caused…..what we want to do here is give the Talladega owners the right casting numbers or part numbers if they our restoring their Talladega’s to concourse standers like a 95 to 100 point car…..when you deal with so many numbers it is hard to send them get them printed and posted…..but we try…..Can’t wait till we get into sheet metal stamping’s LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. RicK,
    Thanks for the update and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I don’t know of anyone who has researched the Talladega as much as you have. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on this forum. Kudos to you & to Richard for having a forum like this one to share information to others as passionate as us {although some may call us crazy!}

    1. Marty,

      You just keep me on track so I do not mess it up to bad……… Time in a plant and years to many to tell ya building Ford’s and the other Muscle Cars has helped a lot.

      Thanks for your input……

      Rick O…

        1. Jim,

          Ask any time ! We Love talking Talladega’s or helping owner’s with a question or question’s .
          We have been Lucky to obtain the factory paper work we have ..plus Factory invoices on the production Talladega’s, Pilot cars and info on the one off built Talladega’s. We still give away copies of the factory invoice’s to a owner for their Talladega or Talladega’s e-mail us or ask Richard and we will get it to you.


          1. Rick, that would be great. I also have a Marti report on my car. Do you need it for your records?
            Regards, Jim

  7. James,

    If you want to sent me a copy that would be great they are good for time line as to build dates ect. Let me know where to send your copy of the factory invoice…I can scan it or snail mail you one.

    Rick O…

  8. I’m trying to find the part number for a shifter arm for a 3 on the tree column.
    My spoiler has the correct column in it but someone has taken the shifting lever off.

    Any help would sure be appreciated.

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