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How many were built?

1969 Cale Yarborough Spoiler
1969 Cale Yarborough Spoiler

Over the weekend I received a great Christmas Present; it was from a regular visitor to this web site who wanted to share information he had. Diego Rosengberg emailed me a large number of Marti Reports for Spoiler and Spoiler II cars. This information provided some new VINs for Spoiler and Color Code (Pre-Spoiler) cars that were not in the Registry. The Reports also helped with the selling dealership info on several cars that were in the Registry but did not previously have that info included.

One of the complaints I have in general about the car world is the secrecy that exists around certain data. Some folks seem to think if they hoard what they have or what they know it will make them more important. I happen to believe if you have information and don’t share it with others in the hobby you are cheating yourself and everyone else. The more we share our information the more “gaps” that can be filled in the history of our cars.

I keep building on the information I have obtained from Marti Reports and similar data obtained from others. I hope that you will review the following information and help us add to it. If you have any special data obtained through a special Marti research report I hope you will share it with us. If you have any other historical data or information I hope you will also pass that along for us to share with others. Before I can include it I must verify the data with a copy of the Marti Report you provide or other documentation. It is much too easy for someone to claim certain information was obtained through a Marti Report for their own benefit if a copy of the Report is not provided. I have seen way too many cars claimed to be a very rare one of one simply because they had a “pink car with factory hub caps and 3-speed on the tree” or some other weird and undesirable combination of parts!

Below we have given you a lot of answers but also asked a lot of questions. If you look at the Marti Report for your Spoiler or Spoiler II, copy or scan it and email me a copy we can begin to fill in the questions below and I believe we will all be better informed.

Here is what we have compiled to date as it relates to the Mercury Cyclone, Spoiler and Spoiler II cars.

-117,421 1969 Mercury Montegos and Cyclones were produced.

Of Those:

-6,968 were Cyclone Fastbacks.

-2,681 were built with the 351 4-V engine. (how many 302s were built?)

-2,206 were built with an automatic transmission.

-Were the rest 4-speeds or 3-speeds?

-260 were built with the 428-4V CJ Engine.

Of Those:

-152 had the automatic transmission.

-14 had the automatic with SCJ Drag Pack

-How many 4-speeds and how many automatics?

-503 Spoiler II cars were built.

Of Those:

-218 Dan Gurney Spoiler II cars were built.

-one was heater delete, any others built with an option or option delete?

-285 Cale Yarborough Spoiler II cars were built.

-one was heater delete, any others built with an option or option delete?

(Does anyone know were the Cale Yarborough heater delete car is now? I am extremely interested in finding and documenting this car.)

-969 Spoiler cars were built.

Of Those:

-352 Dan Gurney Spoilers were built.

               Of Those:

-32 Dan Gurney had the 428 CJ

-How many were automatic and how many were 4-speed?

Of Those:

-16 Dan Gurney had the 428 CJ Ram Air

-How many were automatic and how many were 4-speed?

Of Those:

-5 had the 428 SCJ Drag Pack

-How many were automatic and how many were 4-speed?

-How many 351 or 390 cars were built?

-How many of each had an automatic and how many were 4-speed?

-617 Cale Yarborough Spoilers were built.

Of Those:

-41 had the 428 CJ with Ram Air

-22 had and automatic

-19 had a 4-speed

-How many 428 SCJ; automatic or 4-speed?

-How many non-Ram Air; with automatic or 4-speed?

Of Those:

-How many were 351 or 390 cars and did they have automatic or 4-speed?

More questions?

You bet there are. How many of each had air conditioning? How many had bucket seats? How many of the Spoilers did not have blue or red interior? (They could have any interior color found in a regular Cyclone! I have an original black bucket seat Spoiler.)


Some of my first and strongest memories from my childhood relate to cars. I still remember when things happened based on what car I was driving at the time. I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee. I was a Corvette fanatic for years but then re-discovered vintage American Muscle. My wife, Katrina, and I decided we wanted to focus on unique and rare muscle cars. After a lot of research we fell in love with the Ford Blue Oval Aero Cars. These were only built in 1969 and and aerodynamics became an important part of winning races. The only purpose of these limited production cars was to win NASCAR races using the Boss 429 and 427 power plants complimented with a special, wind cheating, aerodynamic body. The Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II are terrific and historic cars. This site is devoted to these car and their owners past and present. We provide an Online Registry for recording the long term history and ownership of every remaining Talladega, Spoiler and Spoiler II.

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  1. “One of the complaints I have in general about the car world is the secrecy that exists around certain data. Some folks seem to think if they hoard what they have or what they know it will make them more important.”

    Wow : Richard That is kind of low ! Thing is people that went out in the 70’s & 80’s and got the information as to the Ford Talladega’s and Spoiler II ‘s that I know do share their information . In part why in part ? because they have spent their money,personal time away from family to get that information. I traveled to Ford headquarters here in Mich. to find most of the records were deleted at the time Ford pulled out of racing 1970 .

    I was able to obtain some paper work, wind tunnel test’s , crash test’s from people who had obtained it from Ford while working there. They chose to keep it as it was interesting as they owned a T or II. They also wanted to keep their job’s ! and letting some of this info out could have caused problems for them at the plant or office.

    We do not have too much on the Spoiler II’s do to the fact most of the changes do the II’s like the Rocker panels was in fact covered under crash testing of the Talladega’s . I will tell you this NASCAR has records of all Spoiler and Spoiler II cars that were build but I know Chick from the old Speedway Club day’s try ed to get them as did Mark Moses with no luck. Than their is the guy who takes your work word for word and put’s it on another site or into a club magazine with a picture you took and let Johnny Lighting use to do the yellow talladega and put’s his name to it !!!!!

    As we have been putting out some history we have on Talladega’s in the last few weeks , We also have sent you what little we have to the Spoiler II and this past week-end I sent you a story on a N J CJ Drag Car in hopes you could contact them as to your CJ X drag car it took me about a hour to find that story again !

    Sorry but that is just a low statement on your part Richard and that is why a lot of information is not shared where were you in the 80’s as to collecting areo cars ?? or even 90’s.

    1. Rick, I am very sorry you are offended by my story and comments. That certainly upsets me. You are not one of the people I was talking about. You are one of the best at sharing and helping anyone who asks. You are a wealth of information.
      You will note that I did not mention the Ford/Mercury world specifically; I said “in general about the car world”. I have been involved with Corvettes to Mustangs to Mopar and you will find such people every where. You will also find good folks like you who do share and help. I happen to believe the regulars on this web site are terrific about sharing what they have and the Talladega/Spoiler II world has gained significantly over the past few years from their participation. I have never claimed to personally be a fountain of information for these cars but I do like providing a resource for others to share what they know or ask what they what to know.
      I don’t have a problem with individuals who have information but want to be paid for it. Like you say, they worked hard to get it in most cases and spent many hours sorting through it. The Marti Report is a fine example and there are others.
      What I am concerned about are the individuals that have information in their head or in a box in the attic and either don’t think it is important or just don’t want to share it. We are all getting older and some of us at a rather rapid rate. It will not be many years and all of this information will be difficult if not impossible to obtain. Not unlike what happened at Ford, when a box of papers is discovered from many years ago, those who don’t know what’s inside and how important it might be often just toss it out. Heck, I have even done that by mistake many times.
      As for how long someone has been into the aero cars, I don’t think that is really relevant. We have some young (relative to my age) folks who are hungry for information and many of them are bringing new information out to us older folks all the time.
      My last comment is, I started this web site because I was giving people Registration information (not just Talladega or Spoiler II) to use and they would not share it. They just kept it for themselves. This was not just one person or organization; it was not just aero cars. I felt a different approach was needed and invested by own money and time to start this site for everyone to participate in and gain from. New information is posted on the site almost daily. I spend hours everyday on the site. It still costs me far more money every year to keep this site up and running than it ever receives in Team Memberships. That is ok because it was never intended to be a source of income, just a source of information and a way to spread the understanding and importance of the Ford/Mercury aero cars.
      I respect you and value what you and others like you bring to the site. It is with your knowledge, sharing and support that we can spread the work and importance of the Ford/Mercury Aero Cars. Thank you for your comments, concern and continued support and participation.

      1. What ever ! You have stated Kevin Marti can do special searches in his data base ,why could a search be done of all ordering district’s adding the special Spoiler II 7024. Like enter 617024….if this could be done it should come back as a Spoiler II shipped to Dallas and bring up rest of info.

        Sure this would cost some money, why not get a estimate and see if this could be done and get help from the people who our into the Spoiler II’s and posted their cars in the registry..and if interested each one donates a share of the cost. all the Talladega Marti reports I have been sent over the years show ordering district and special conversion or DSO 2500 for Talladega…..Last I knew it was stated 9H15M563934 was lowest II vin known and 9H15M569298 highest vin II known . This could be wrong did not check your site.

        If this could be done may-be something like that could be done for the Cale/Dan W nose car ??

        1. I contacted Kevin Marti a couple of years ago requesting very similar info. I was willing to pay the price if it was reasonable. The response was that he cannot, by the terms of his agreement with Ford, do any mass searches that would identify specific cars. He is only allowed to do searches by VIN. What is strange is that I have paid him to do special searches by how many cars were built with specific options or other similar info. I think the restriction comes into play as soon as you ask anything that relates to listing specific VINs. He can tell you about your specific Spoiler II or how many were built or how many were built with specific options. He cannot give out any VINs. As I understand it, he cannot give out any VINs, you have to provide the VIN.
          If anyone else has better info, or other ideas on how we can do this I want to hear them. We can then attempt to raise the funds needed to complete the search.

  2. Richard,

    In looking thru some of the Spoiler II information we have here I found in the 2nd. printing of Mark Moses registry it states a ” Ford
    computer search only 353 Spoiler II’s show as being ordered to be built. ”

    How did Mr. Rosengberg get his number of 503 ??

    1. Rick, 503 is the number that Kevin Marti provides on the Marti report. Right or wrong, it is the number he uses and if we are to believe what he says on other numbers we must respect that number. I have no way of knowing which it is but if you are going to use Marti Reports to document how many of this and how many of that were built it is necessary to be consistent. I started out using the 353 number and soon discovered that there was no way to then go to the next step and determine how many Gurney and Cale cars were built; the total number of Spoiler and Spoiler II numbers goes into question. It would be interesting to know where Moses got his “computer search” numbers vs the “computer search” that Marti does. Does anyone else have another perspective on this?

      1. It is said to be done using DSO and paint code numbers and warranty info as it was filed…….. I am not questioning the 503 numbers just trying to find a way we can come up with a list of Spoiler II’s from Ford !! I know back about 13 years ago a man wanted me to put my crash info and such on his web site…. He told me he had a way to get into the Ford Data bank and could get all the Talladega Vins and original owners names …. He sent me 2 or 3 pages of Talladega information which included the build date …date sold …. original owners name even their address where they lived( Original owner in 1969)…… I asked Marti auto works if they could do this and they were straight forward with me: NO THEY could not !!! and using some of this information was against the law Privacy Act…. I started putting info on another site back then TorinoCobra…..and did not use any of the info I was sent. .
        I thinking if this info could be obtained Ford may allow a serial number list of II’s and Spoilers than a large order could be placed with Kevin Marti this would give the site a list to build off of for dealership selling and on Spoilers a count of engines per unit ect. I think Carl Sharp talks about this site now and than it was in Cleveland and the guy running it dad had something to do with Lorain plant.

        Have to find those papers………….See this info was recorded back in 69 (And still Today) so a buyer of a new car per year takes it to Ford for warranty work the Ford dealership if not the selling dealership would know who and when a unit was sold too ! Ford knows we have the T info why after this long would they care as to the Spoiler II or even Spoilers if owners names are not given out . ????

  3. I thought the number 353 was the number,(for Spoiler II) but I don’t know where I read it. I keep trying to get Marti Auto to do some research but they are always full. My vin is the last registered number and would like to know if it is the last. The build date was for March 29 but built on the 22nd, so the run most have ended sooner.
    Chris Vick

    1. There were 503 Spoiler Lloyd built but we do not have all the VINs. You can check a recent post for all the numbers of special Marti Research we have done.

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