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Mike Callahan and Summitt Racing Talk Bonneville

200 MPH

Most of you who visit this site regularly already know about Mike Callahan and his Bonneville Speedweek Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II. We have followed his exploits at Bonneville and high speed runs. He has certified his car at 150 MPH. Did I mention it is a street legal which he drove to Bonneville on each of his high speed run?

Not satisfied to run 150 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Mike drove the car to and back from Bonneville.

This is a little long but well worth it….sit back, enjoy and learn. Anyone else up for a Bonneville run?

That’s my friend John McGann, editor of Hot Rod Magazine, taking a picture of the Mercury. I think I finally talked him into going to Bonneville.
The stark white salt presents a terrific contrast to the slick black Spoiler II.


Some of my first and strongest memories from my childhood relate to cars. I still remember when things happened based on what car I was driving at the time. I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee. I was a Corvette fanatic for years but then re-discovered vintage American Muscle. My wife, Katrina, and I decided we wanted to focus on unique and rare muscle cars. After a lot of research we fell in love with the Ford Blue Oval Aero Cars. These were only built in 1969 and and aerodynamics became an important part of winning races. The only purpose of these limited production cars was to win NASCAR races using the Boss 429 and 427 power plants complimented with a special, wind cheating, aerodynamic body. The Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II are terrific and historic cars. This site is devoted to these car and their owners past and present. We provide an Online Registry for recording the long term history and ownership of every remaining Talladega, Spoiler and Spoiler II.

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