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Our Mission:

The Mission of this site is two fold. First, we are here to support the existing enthusiasts of the 1969 aero cars from the Ford Motor Company; and second, we are here to help promote these cars to broaden the awareness, appreciation and historical significance of the cars with the larger automobile enthusiasts.

What are the Talladega Family of Cars?

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1969 Ford Talladega

Obviously, the 1969 Ford Talladega is the most recognised. It is the car that provided the basis for David Pearson to win the 1969 NASCAR Drivers’ Championship. The Talladega was only built for one year and only 751 examples were ever constructed. All were powered by 428 Cobra Jet engines and C6 transmissions and all had extensive body modifications to help them reach winning speeds on the high banked NASCAR ovals.

The production Talladega came in only three colors; Wimbledon White, Presidential Blue and Royal Maroon. No options were available.

For more details on the Ford Talladega, Click Here.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

The lesser know Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II is the Mercury counter part of the Ford Talladega. It also has similar aerodynamic modifications to the body but is powered by the more common 351 Windsor engine with automatic transmission. Where the Talladega has a rather Taxi Cab plain interior and exterior the Spoiler II has a very, by comparison, plus interior and rather flashy paint and decal treatment on the exterior.

The Spoiler II was available in two versions; the Wimbledon White and Presidential Blue Dan Gurney addition and the Candy Apple Red Cale Yarborough addition. No options were available.

For more details on the Spoiler II, Click Here.

1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

Much like its longer sister car, the Spoiler II, the Spoiler also came in two versions. One was the Wimbledon White and Presidential Blue Dan Gurney addition and the second was the Candy Apple Red Cale Yarborough addition. The Spoiler was built on the standard Cyclone body and had none of the special aerodynamic modifications found on the Spoiler II.

What the Spoiler did have was a wide open option book! These cars could be ordered with any V8 engine and transmission combination on the Mercury Order Form. This included the meanest engine available, the 428 CJ Ram Air and the buyer could even add the 4-speed transmission and Drag Pack options to the Spoiler.

To learn more about the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, Click Here.

1969 Mercury Cyclone, Color Code Cars:

These cars have not previously been included within the Talladega Family of cars. These are very misunderstood but are the fore runners of the Spoilers. Before there were any Cale Yarborough or Dan Gurney Specials there were Cyclones being built with the same paint jobs. These cars could be built like any other Cyclone on the order form but they were ordered with either the MT (white and red) or the MX (white and blue) paint codes identical to the Cale Yarborough and Dan Gurney cars. However, these cars did not have any of the Spoiler/Spoiler II decals or options.

Very little is know about these cars but we are learning more everyday with your help.

To learn more about the Cyclone Color Code Cars, Click Here.

1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500:

There is even less know about this car than the Color Code Cars but like them the GT 500 cars have not previously been considered a part of the Talladega Family.

These cars have been included in our Registry because they also share a NASCAR connection and also share the same basic body form as their Blue Oval relatives. These were the result of a sales promotion in the SE, NASCAR Country. A buyer could pick from Wimbledon White or Calypso Coral and other factory options and then participate in the “Drive-Away” program. This gave the owner the ability to pick the car up at the race track, make a parade lap around the track, watch the race and drive home in a car like the one that most likely won the race!

To learn more about the 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500, Click Here.


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    1. There is no way for a submission to be edited by you. The edits must be submitted to me (rfleener@comcast.net) and then I will make the changes manually. You can also update photos this way. An alternative is for you to fill out a new Registration for completely as you want it to appear and submit it per the web site. ALL REGISTRATIONS are done manually to help prevent fraudulent submissions. You must include your VIN with any submission as well as your name and contact info. The contact info will only be published with your permission.

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