• Quiz # 4: Answer

    Question #4: What brand of car did Cale Yarborough drive in the 1969 NASCAR season? Answer # 4: Cale Yarborough…

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  • Talladega-Spoiler Quiz # 4

    Question #3: What was the correct paint color for the spoiler on the Mercury Spoiler and Spoiler II cars when…

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  • Talladega-Spoiler Quiz # 3

    Bobby Allison drove a winged MOPAR but his FOMCO ride was a short nose Mercury! Question from last week, Quiz #…

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  • Talladega-Spoiler Quiz # 2

    Answer for Quiz # 1: That’s Fred Lorenzen in Junior Johnson’s Talladega at the 1970 Southern 500 at Darlington. He…

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  • Missing Fairlane

    Here is a good one for all you workbench detectives out there. This is not a Quiz; we don’t know…

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  • Talladega Quiz # 1

    Dr. John Craft likes some of the questions that have been coming up in the posts over the past few…

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