1. My opinion is that if it is on a Marti Report and/or a 999, clearly the pins were factory options. Neither of these reports reflect dealer installed options.

    Oddly, my T has the hood modified on the underside bracing structure (but not cut out on the top of the hood) for a hood pin ON ONLY ONE SIDE! I need to compare to my two ’69 Cobra hoods that have factory hood pins to see what they look like on the underneath. They are stored about 100 miles away from me, so it will be a few weeks before I have that opportunity.

    Also oddly enough, my ’70 Cobra that I’ve owned since ’79 has factory push-and-twist hood pins (standard, not an option), but the radiator support only has a receiver on one side! The other side has dimples where the two holes should have been drilled to mount the receiver, but it was never done.

    1. As you can see from the Talladega Forum, on this site, we really don’t believe that hood pins were an option on any of the production Talladegas (at least from the factory). I refer you to the response by Rich Ochs (and others) on this topic which has been addressed pretty thoroughly in the forum. The instructions to the factory were very clear that these cars were NOT to get hood pins.

      As to the validity of Ford’s 999 reports, and the Marti reports (especially the early ones), I wouldn’t be too confident in either of them. Both have contained numerous “major” errors. For example, Ford’s 999 report often refers to our Talladegas as Mustangs. Likewise, all of the early Marti reports assumed that the same rules that applied to Mustangs also applied to our Talladegas. (Not true.)

      1. I agree the Ford 999 reports were very vague. I had a 4.30 Drag pack car I tried to document back in 2000. The 999 said it was an R code with optional rear axle lol.

    1. Mostly, because the author made a mistake… It was not flipped. It was sectioned on both sides, v-d in the middle, and filled on the ends.

  2. Trying to repaint my headlight bezels and front grill black. Took some “before” pictures, but you know how that goes. Was wondering if someone could take some close-up pics so I can get it painted correctly. Thanks

  3. Hi Everyone,I am going to have my Dan Spoiler II painted & the body shop wants something to show him the paint design.Is there anything drawn that I can give him? Thanks Randy

  4. I have a 69 Torino GT I converted to a Talladega back in 1975. I bought the car in 1975. I had a customer of mine who owned who had an orginal T, and wrecked it by a deer running in front of him. He removed the front end, and put a Torino front end on it. He gave me the front end for free. The only piece I had to replace was the left front fender. I went to my local Ford dealer, and bought one. They ordered it from Ford. It has H/M stamped on the fender lip. I believe it cost around $250.00 at the time.
    I still have the orginal fender which was not all that bad. Back them, it was cheaper to buy a new fender, than to repair.
    I still own the car, and deive it in the summers. I have the car apart noe, and am repainting it with Whimbleton white. I put in it an AOD transmission for better fuel. The engine is a 351, which rebuilt in the 80’s. It is in excellant shape, as I always garaged it. I repersent it as a clone, not as a real T. 99% of people do not know of a Talladega, never heard of them.
    Ihave owner Talladega’s over the years, and have sold them, all except for my clone. It was always less expensive to drive. I enjoy it.

    1. Mke, thank you for your comments. Interesting story on the Talladega front end. By chance do you know the VIN of the Talladega that got the Torino nose? What city as it in and what color was it?

      As for your car I encourage you to Register it in our Talladega Registry as a Clone. We already have one clone Spoiler II registered. It hels insure the no one in the future will try to sell the car s the real deal. I also want to thank you for becoming a Team Member and invite you to bring your car to any of our Talladega Family Reunion events or other activities.

      1. Richard, the orginial T, where I got the front end, was Royal Maroon. I do not have the orginal VIN. The city is Fort Wayne, Indiana. I remember seeing the T at a local Ford dealer in New Haven, Indiana. The dealer at that time was Delagrange Ford in New Haven. They sold the car new in, if I remember right, late 1969, around September, or October.The car was around Ft. Wayne for a couple years, and the orginal ownerof the car decided to quit driving it, because the water pump was getting noisy, if I remember right. It sat behind a local bowling alley for quiet a long time. I tried to buy it, and he was not sure if he wanted to sell. I checked with him for several months, to no avail. I stopped in one night, bought him a beer, and he said to see him tomorrow. I went to hopefully buy the car, and he sold it to a customer of mine. Not sure why, but it was gone. The guy who bought it was only 16, maybe 17. I knew what was going to happen, and it did. First a deer, then after he repaired it, he lost controll and crashed it for the final time. The insurance co. totaled it, they halled it off, and sold it for junk would be my guess. He did not know where it went, and I did not persue it. Coulda, shoulda, wooda?? The price we had talked about was $2500. at the time. I lost track of him over the years. The last time I saw him he had another 428 Cobra, 69 Torino. But this has been 74-75, so it has been long gone.
        I have, and will look again for any I D on the parts. The only numbers/letters are date codes on some parts.
        I can send pictures of the orginal fender, in it orginal color, with white stripe. Any other parts and the entire car I could send pix also.
        I will register my car as a clone in the registry, so it cannot be declaired a factory T. I will look foreward to joining you in future events, and reunions. Any other info I can think of I will supply. Any other items you would like to know, just ask.
        Thank you,


  5. Hello everyone, im looking for Rick Ores site and cant find it, I talked to Rick about selling my T 7 years ago, and just count do it, well im 55 now and had it in heated garage since 1976 when I bought it, drove it 4000 miles since 76, 192193, I had some nice offers on ot since it is just about original as I bought it , and runs well, drivers seat split just like I bought it, I wanted to call Rick to give it a good home, it needs paint but paint is good for 40 years old, it is very special to me and is a very rare find today and back in 1976 when I bought it,has stock ex on it yet,loltrunk mat spare,Funny thing about the car is LW Miller II I bought it from, and his son LW III married Kelly Eharnhart , I bought it from Wayne LWs Dad so Wayne could put Brett Bodine in his first Modified ride, This car has History I Cant tell you on the internet!As Brett or Jeff Bodine about it
    I want a good home for it I bought it in 76 , and still has the life in it to last another 40 years,one solid original car.
    My father and I took it to Talladega reunion in 1989 and have lots of pics of it there , dam thing looks the same as it did back then and runs just as well
    Joe T
    And Wayne will vogue for me,

  6. im ready in the next month to sell my T and will set up a pic account if anyone is interested,
    ive known the car since 1971, bought it in 1976, just changed Title from my father name to mine Dads 80 years young to me, my Dad gave me the money to buy a car when I grad from HS, in 1976, T had 41700 on T and has 48522 miles on it now, same shap as I bought it, a good 3-to a 2
    You will not find a better T to make your own,, ask Rick Orrs
    now do I ebay it?
    What a investment
    Joe T

  7. I found a Cale Yarborough special in va beach in a back yard I was wondering if it is registered or if any body knows of it

  8. I have been collecting serial numbers since the 69 Daytona was new. I have a serial number book for both Talladega’s and SpoilerII’s. I also collected the other 3 cars: Daytona, SuperBird and the 69 500. I would need a specific individual to send the info to and they have the understanding that the info is free to your members-events. I owned a Daytona 18 years. I also owned 3 69 500’s. One of the 500’s was THE Public Relations car, the HEMI 500 in red with white interior and white stripe. The owner that restored the HEMI changed the interior to black. WRONG. My Daytona was one of 2 Daytonas used as Dodge Performance Show Cars.

  9. subject (how many talladegas) Has anyone seen youtube American muscle car #S02E03 ford fairlane gt and Talladega it runs for 22:35 min. total, at 11:16 to 11:27 min. Ralph Moody states that less than not even 500 were made.
    Interesting to say the least and kinda dispels the 754 number wonder if that helps with anyone’s research

  10. I have a question in regards to part numbers C7ZZ-9B445-C and C9ZZ-9B445-A
    ( Exhaust Air supply Manifold Assembly for 1969 Talladega 428. Mine are leaking and i was wondering if it is possible to find a replacement or should I remove the system or plug off the rails?

  11. I am looking for the correct linkage for my 390 4brl. When I got the car it had a cheap after market carb and a Mickey mouse cable system. I have tried several vendors to no avail. Hoping maybe some one has one on a spare car or engine, at this point even a good picture with measurements would work and I will fabricate the rest. Thanks Munch

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