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  1. I would like to know if the Talladegas came with any kind of of a inner shroud on the front fenders to stop rock chips from the front tires.I drive slow on 1/4 mile of gravel and start off slow on the hyway and I got stars in my front fenders from the bottom up.any coments or solutions would be greatly apreciated….Thanks.

      1. Hi.
        IO have never taken a talladega or torino front fender off of the car abd found any typ of shield ob the tops of the fenders just some heavy under coating,, now there is the front and rear mud shields ust to keep mud from going up front or behind the wheel.. it sure sounds like that is what your getting is gravel dings.. maybe you have an aggressie tire pattern,, what tires are you running,,?
        later clarence

    1. There is only a small shroud approx 6 to 8 inches wide, and 12 to 18 inches in length ,approx. It is behind the rear of wheel,and is placed vertically and is bolted into place. There is no shroud towards towards the front of the car, at least mine does not have one! Hope this helps.

  2. Richard,I looked at the pictures of the cale spoiler for sale at the meacum auction and question weather it is a spoiler as there are several things not right.The wood grain is wrong on the dash, the exterior mirror is not right,there should be two racing mirrors, there shouldn’t be a badge in the middle of the hood and there are no hood pins.It does look like a nice 428 car.

  3. Hi Richard , also considering selling T. Would be considered a resto mod as it has 390 and a 4 speed in it. If you know of anyone looking let me know.

  4. I am looking for any possible information concerning a 1969 Maroon Talladega that I purchased in Lubbock, Texas in August, 1969. Last of the Vin is 206394.

    1. Hi Lance, my name is Elmer Thornton. I live in Lubbock and am restoring Talladega #201121, also maroon. Hopefully, you have found your old “T” by now. My car was sold new at Pollard Friendly Ford in June 1969. That small dealer sold ten “T”‘s new, I think a record here in Texas, maybe the nation. Did you buy yours new from Pollard or used at another lot? When and where did you sell yours? I knew of two others sitting outside a few years ago, but they were white, and are now gone. There are two other maroon ones here in town, one is a nice driver bought here used from Pollard in September 1969, not your VIN. I don’t have any specifics on the other one.

  5. Russel Meyer, there are rubber shields on each side of the car. 2 in the front and 2 in the rear for the front fenders. I have pix of my Talladega with the shields in place. They are the same as regular Torinos. I replaced them on mine a few years ago. They are available from the Fairlane suppliers. I can send you a pix of mine if interested.

  6. Richard, I found another Talladega that is not registered. It is white, sold in Shoals Indiana. Laverene Terry Ford.
    The VIN is 9A46Q192005. It in in pretty bad shape. The person who owned it died, and his family wanted to sell it. A friend of mine contacted me about it. The person who owned it was a body shop owner. The car is completely torn apart. The quarters are cut off of it. I believe most parts are there. I can find out more about it if anyone is interested. The car is around Indianapolis IN. I do have some pictures. Tell me how to download them, and I will put some on. Or I can send them to you.
    I am not the person selling this car. I just wanted to let you know another one is found, that was not prevousley recordered.

  7. Hello Folks. Are you able to find the black broadcloth upholstery, Trim Code 1A, for restoring your Talladega seats ? Does anybody have it available ? I do have a message in to SMS Auto Fabrics. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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