Registered 1969 Ford Petty Torino


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April 8, 2023

This page is the Registered 1969 Ford Petty Torino of which only 200 were produced.

This page contains the information for Registered 1969 Ford Petty Torino cars. The Table below contains the VIN of every Petty Torino we have information on. Some of the entries are in a larger font and color; click on these if you are a Team Member and you can view the owner’s Registration information and comments on the car. If you have not yet registered your car please Click Here and do it today; it is FREE.

For your Petty Torino to be CONFIRMED the registration must be accompanied by a Marti Report. We are still attempting to research and fully understand these cars and are unable to confirm a Petty Torino car without supporting evidence.

If you find what you believe is a typo, mistake or if you have a verified missing VIN please email us at

1969 Petty Torino VINs


Car     VIN                                Color        Confirmed       Comments

  1. 9A42M180492          Blank                 Yes

  2. 9A42Q182134            Blank                 Yes

  3. 9A42Q211769            Blank                 Yes

  4. 9A42R227687            Marti Report Ram Air!

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  1. Hello I recently purchased Rich Turners Tiny Lunds #16 68 Cyclone GT stock car, looking for any information on this car as I bought it from his widow and information is limited as is the paperwork, waiting on the original appraisal, any information would be greatly appreciated

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