Knudsen Talladega

a form has been submitted on April 10, 2011

Talladega registry form

Owner information
Your Name Michael Troell
Email michael.troell@att.net
Street Address 29581 Maplewood ST
City Garden City
State/Province Michigan
Zip code 48135
Country United States
Phone number 734-502-5552
Select all that apply: Name , Email , Street Address , City , State , Zip code , Country , Phone number
Vehicle information
Select year 1969
Select make Ford
Select model Talladega
VIN 9H46Q180695
Body 63E
Color Blank
Trim VW
Date 20C
DSO 33
Axle O
Trans U
Do you have a Marti report? No
Do you have a build sheet? No
Do you have a warranty identification card/ownercard? Yes
Do you currently own this car? Yes
Condition of car (please select one) 1
Comments (This car is considered by many to be a Prototype; however, on this site it is considered to be a Show Car/One Off Special. It has a VIN after the Prototypes but prior to the pilot cars. It was not completed at the factory and was built especially for the President of Ford. Note added by Registry) Yello/White interior, all possible options. This car was owned by Bunky Knudsen FOMCO’s President. Has been owned by George Troell since 1976.

One Comment

  1. While this is no doubt a significant vehicle it is not a prototype or even a pilot car, in fact it’s the last Talladega built…

    Everyone seems oblivious to the fact it’s a Lorain build, not Atlanta and has a date of 20C which is March 20… The consecutive VIN of 180695 at Atlanta would have been built somewhere in late Jan same as were the pilot and first regular production Talladegas… All that has to be done to prove my statement is pull up a report for 9A***180695 and the vehicle assigned that consecutive VIN will be found… Since Atlanta also built full size models as well as intermediates, 180695 could have been assigned to one of many different models such as a Galaxie 500, Torino GT or even a Ranchero… My bet it isn’t on a Sportsroof Cobra but it’s possible…

    Tom Bryant

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