Registered 1968 Cyclone GT500 VINs

Last Update: June 21, 2022

The following information is all that we have on 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT500s. We have shown some of the unconfirmed cars and are awaiting the official Registration Forms. Because GT500 is only an option the only way to prove these cars authentic is with a Marti Report or original invoice. The Table below contains the VIN of every regular Production Cyclone GT 500 we have information on. Some of the entries are in a larger type and color; click on these if you are a Team Member and you can view the owner’s Registration information and comments on the car. If you have not yet registered your car please Click Here and do it today; it is FREE.

1968 Cyclone GT 500 VINs

If you find what you believe is a typo, mistake or if you have a verified missing VIN please email us at

Note: Coral and Vermillion are the same.

Car               VIN                      Color                Selling Dealer                            Comments

  1. 8H15Y540024         Coral             Found on eBay for sale; 390 automatic with bucket seats and console
  2. 8H15Y542187          Coral           Leader Linc-Merc, Atlanta GA 
  3. 8H15S545487          Coral            Car not registered but found in TN, 390, 4-speed with air!
  4. 8H15S546487          Coral           
  5. 8H15Y560147          White
  6. 8H15J561008          Coral             Unconfirmed, poor condition
  7. 8H15F561017          Coral
  8. 8H15J560157         White
  9. 8H15F561894         Coral              302 2 Barrel automatic; Ferrel Ford Decatur, GA; sold 4-30-68
  10. 8H15R581790         Coral           This car has not been registered but do have an eBay ad and photos
  11. 8H15R581806        Coral
  12. 8H15R581776         Coral
  13. 8H15R581790        Coral               See comment below
  14. 8H15R581817         Coral                Not confirmed
  15. 8H15R581831         Coral
  16. 8H15R581834        Coral            Carolina Motors Statesville, NC        Parts Car
  17. 8H15?581838
  18. 8H15M582698        Coral           Located in New Zealand
  19. 8H15S582719         Coral            Zeller Linc-Merc Roanoke, VA
  20. 8H15R583403        Coral 


  1. 8H15R581790

    This car is an r code. I saw it come up on e-bay a couple of years back. I have a copy of the auction with pictures.
    It is coral and had 91000 miles on it. A copy of the marti report was included with the auction.

  2. Hello everyone, I just bought a 69 CYS(rough)351 that is a 500 car.9H15M561604.Anyone ever hear of one of these.I can send pics to a phone or email.

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