Registered Spoiler II VINs

Last Update: September 8, 2023

We do not currently have a listing of all VINs for the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler IIs. The only VINs we have for the Registry are ones we have personally verified or the data has been submitted by the owner. We have two sets of information. One is the Table that contains all of the VINs we have for the Spoiler II cars that we currently know of. The other is the list of links to all the VINs from owners that have submitted Registration forms; these VINs are included in the Table. We apologize if this is a little confusing however, due to the ever-increasing number of VIN submissions we can not be constantly redoing the master list with links to the forms. If you have not yet registered your car please Click Here and do it today.

If you find what you believe is a typo, or mistake or if you have a verified missing VIN please email us at

Cale = Cale Yarborough Special   Dan = Dan Gurney Special

Spoiler II*

*Please note that this list DOES NOT include every possible Spoiler II VIN. 

VIN                          Model            Selling Dealer                   Comment

  1. 9H15M550118                           Cale                Prototype        If you have ANY OLD OR NEW INFORMATION on one of the Prototypes please notify me, at
  2. 9H15R550501                            Cale                Prototype
  3. 9H15M562047                            ?                    Prototype
  4. 9H15M562048                            ?                    Prototype
  5. 9H15M562049                            ?                    Prototype
  6. 9H15M502672                          LeeRoy           This is an excellent Clone and is presented here at the owner’s request to prevent any future sale as a real Spoiler II.
  7. 9H15M563934                         Cale                Sam’s L/M Ashville, NC
  8. 9H15M563935                         Cale
  9. 9H15M563938                         Dan
  10. 9H15M563939                         Cale
  11. 9H15M563947                          Dan                 This car has been found and fully restored
  12. 9H15M563949                          Dan                Burlington Motors, NC                          Updated Information
  13. 9H15M563956                          Dan
  14. 9H15M563957                          Dan
  15. 9H15M563958                          Cale
  16. 9H15M563960                          Cale
  17. 9H15M563966                          Dan
  18. 9H15 M563969                         Cale
  19. 9H15M563971                          Dan
  20. 9H15M563972                          Dan
  21. 9H15M563973                          Dan                 Found but missing engine and needs full restoration.
  22. 9H15M563975                          Dan   
  23. 9H15M563977                          Dan                 Car is located in Australia
  24. 9H15M563988                          Dan
  25. 9H15M563989                          Dan
  26. 9H15M563990                          Dan
  27. 9H15M563993                          Dan
  28. 9H15M563994                          Cale
  29. 9H15M563996                          Cale
  30. 9H15M564003                          Dan            Found but not yet Registered
  31. 9H15M564005                          Dan            Found but not yet Registered
  32. 9H15M564008                          Dan            Found online for sale 5-26-13 appears to be #2 condition. See the Sold and For Sale page.
  33. 9H15M564009                          Dan
  34. 9H15M564010                          Dan
  35. 9H15M564011                          Dan                                                             Now in Sweden
  36. 9H15M564013                          Cale
  37. 9H15M564014                          Dan
  38. 9H15M564017                          Dan
  39. 9H15M564022                          Cale              Updated Registration, see previous Registrations as well
  40. 9H15M564024                          Dan
  41. 9H15M564028                          Cale
  42. 9H15M564028                          Cale
  43. 9H15M564030                          Dan
  44. 9H15M564035                            ?
  45. 9H15M564036                          Dan              Found but not yet Registered, Autographed by Gurney
  46. 9H15M564038                          Dan
  47. 9H15M564039                          Cale
  48. 9H15M564040                          Dan
  49. 9H15M564045                          Dan              New Registration, see old Registration as well
  50. 9H15M564052                          Dan
  51. 9H15M564053                          Dan
  52. 9H15M564512                          Dan
  53. 9H15M564584                          Dan            Found and documented in Evernham Collection
  54. 9H15M564634                          Cale
  55. 9H15M564639                            ?
  56. 9H15M565638                          Dan
  57. 9H15M564640                          Dan                 Located but not registered, restorable
  58. 9H15M564650                          Cale             was in CA but is now back in the US but not Registered, condition unknown
  59. 9H15M564656                          Cale               Reportedly parted out.
  60. 9H15M564657                          Cale             2nd owner 395,000 miles
  61. 9H15M564659                          Dan               Totaled
  62. 9H15M564674                          Cale
  63. 9H15M564675                          Cale               Now in Finland, Previously owned by Mark Moses
  64. 9H15M564681                          Dan
  65. 9H15M564682                          Cale  
  66. 9H15M564717                          Cale
  67. 9H15M564731                          Cale
  68. 9H15M564738                          Dan                   For Sale eBay
  69. 9H15M564739                          Cale                  Branch Brother L/M Springhill, LA
  70. 9H15M564744                          Dan
  71. 9H15M564751                          Dan
  72. 9H15M564761                          Dan                  Preston Motors Nashville, TN
  73. 9H15M564762                          Dan                  Branch Brothers L/M Springhill LA
  74. 9H15M564767                           Dan                  Branch Bros Springhill, LA
  75. 9H15M564820                          Dan                 Incomplete Registration
  76. 9H15M564824                          Dan                   Stillpass Bros
  77. 9H15N564827                           Dan
  78. 9H15M564838                          Dan
  79. 9H15M564881                          Cale
  80. 9H15M564896                          Dan                    Stu Evans
  81. 9H15M564901                          Dan                    Restored
  82. 9H15M564918                          Dan
  83. 9H15M564922                          Dan
  84. 9H15M564929                          Cale
  85. 9H15M564931                          Cale              For Sale eBay
  86. 9H15M564933                          Cale              New Zealand
  87. 9H15M564934                          Cale              Restored
  88. 9H15M564938                             ?
  89. 9H15M564948                             ?
  90. 9H15M564954                           Cale
  91. 9H15M564965                           Cale
  92. 9H15M564969                           Cale              Schneider Lincoln-Mercury, St Paul, MN
  93. 9H15M564994                           Dan              Sachs & Sons Lincoln Merc, Downey, CA
  94. 9H15M564996                           Cale              Star L/M Glendale, CA         Dealer Installed A/C Sold 5-27-1969
  95. 9H15M565006                           Cale              Located in New Zealand
  96. 9H15M565008                           Dan
  97. 9H15M565018                           Dan              Sutherland-Wilson l/M Spokane WA For Sale eBay
  98. 9H15M565023                           Cale            Found in KY
  99. 9H15M565405                           Cale            Found in GA and under restoration but not yet registered.
  100. 9H15M565406                           Dan
  101. 9H15M565408                           Dan
  102. 9H15M565416                           Cale          For Sale eBay
  103. 9H15M565417                           Dan           Found unassembled and needing restoration 9-2012
  104. 9H15M565427                           Dan           Pflueger L/M Honolulu, HI       Heater Delete
  105. 9H15M565486                           Dan
  106. 9H15M565541                           Cale
  107. 9H12M565558                           Cale           Found sitting in a backyard!
  108. 9H15M565562                           Dan           
  109. 9H15M565563                           Dan
  110. 9H15M565569                           Cale           Phillips L/M Norfolk, VA
  111. 9H15M565570                           Cale           Leith L&M Mooresville, NC
  112. 9H15M565572                           Dan
  113. 9H15M565579                           Cale
  114. 9H15M565582                           Dan
  115. 9H15M565588                           Cale              Found but details not yet available.
  116. 9H15M565601                           Cale
  117. 9H15M565613                           Dan
  118. 9H15M565636                           Cale
  119. 9H15M565638                           Cale           Cann Ford Batavia OH
  120. 9H15M565639                           Cale           CANN FORD, BATAVIA, OHIO Car has been junked
  121. 9H15M565645                           Cale
  122. 9H15M565654                           Cale
  123. 9H15M565658                           Cale          Original Owner
  124. 9H15M565659                           Cale           
  125. 9H15M565681                           Cale         Ray & Pearlman L/M Huntsville Al for sale on eBay
  126. 9H15M565685                           Dan
  127. 9H15M565686                           Cale         Not Registered but found as excellent survivor.
  128. 9H15M565687                           Cale
  129. 9H15M565755                           Cale
  130. 9H17M565774                           Dan
  131. 9H15M565796                           Dan
  132. 9H15M565830                           Cale         Original One owner
  133. 9H15M565835                           Cale
  134. 9H15M565838                           Cale
  135. 9H15M565839                           Dan
  136. 9H15M565840                           Cale       Original Owner
  137. 9H15M565858                           Cale
  138. 9H15M565866                           Cale
  139. 9H15M565872                           Dan
  140. 9H15N565886                           Cale
  141. 9H15M565887                           Cale
  142. 9H15M565892                           Cale       Found in #3 Condition Restored but not Reg.
  143. 9H15M565901                           Dan
  144. 9H15M565906                           Cale
  145. 9H15M565909                           Cale        Incomplete Registration
  146. 9H15M565913                             ?
  147. 9H15M565915                           Cale
  148. 9H15M565917                           Cale                    Valcom L/M Provo, Utah
  149. 9H15M565929                           Dan
  150. 9H15M565930                           Cale        Original family owner
  151. 9H15M565931                           Cale
  152. 9H15M565932                           Cale
  153. 9H15M565933                           Cale
  154. 9H15M565949                           Dan
  155. 9H15M565957                           Cale                  Autographed by Yarborough
  156. 9H15M565962                           Cale
  157. 9H15M565972                           Dan
  158. 9H15M565973                           Dan
  159. 9H15M565562                           Cale                    Registration Incomplete
  160. 9H15M565968                           Dan
  161. 9H15M568673                           Cale
  162. 9H15M568676                           Cale
  163. 9H15M568741                           Cale
  164. 9H15M568751                           Cale
  165. 9H15M568753                           Cale
  166. 9H15M568759                           Cale                    THOMPSON L/M BALT. MD
  167. 9H15M568763                           Cale                    Incomplete Registration
  168. 9H15M568765                           Cale
  169. 9H15M568767                           Cale                    Car found and verified but not Registered
  170. 9H15M568769                           Cale                   Found and verified
  171. 9H15M568770                           Cale
  172. 9H15M568784                           Dan
  173. 9H15M568787                           Dan
  174. 9H15M568789                           Cale
  175. 9H15M568790                           Dan                    Fling Ford La Grange, CA Have Marti Report
  176. 9H15M568792                            ?
  177. 9H15M568793                           Dan                   Totaled
  178. 9H15M568805                           Dan
  179. 9H15M568814                           Dan
  180. 9H15M568818                           Dan                    
  181. 9H15M568837                           Cale                   Sirmans L/M Waycross GA
  182. 9H15M568864                           Cale
  183. 9H15M568867                           Cale
  184. 9H15M568869                           Cale
  185. 9H15M568872                           Cale
  186. 9H15M568875                           Cale
  187. 9H15M568881                           Dan                    Sharon Motor Sharon Springs, NC
  188. 9H15M568890                           Cale
  189. 9H15M568901                           Dan
  190. 9H15M568906                           Cale
  191. 9H15M568919                           Dan
  192. 9H15M568920                           Cale                    Parted out.
  193. 9H15M568960                           Dan                    Parted out.
  194. 9H15M569007                            ?
  195. 9H15M569017                           Cale
  196. 9H15M569031                           Cale     
  197. 9H15M569038                           Cale
  198. 9H15M569067                           Dan                    Car has been found and is restomod
  199. 9H15M569038                           Cale                     Found on eBay 6-18-2015
  200. 9H15M565830                          Cale         Original One owner 9H15M565835                        9H15M565838                          Cale
  1. 9H15M565839                          Dan
  2. 9H15M565840                          Cale       Original Owner
  3. 9H15M565858                          Cale
  4. 9H15M565866                          Cale
  5. 9H15M565872                          Dan
  6. 9H15M565681                          Cale
  7. 9H15N565886                          Cale
  8. 9H15M565892                          Cale       Found in #3 Condition Restored but not Reg.
  9. 9H15M565906                          Cale
  10. 9H15M565909                          Cale        Incomplete Registration
  11. 9H15M565913                             ?
  12. 9H15M565915                          Cale
  13. 9H15M565917                          Cale                    Valcom L/M Provo, Utah
  14. 9H15M565930                          Cale        Original family owner
  15. 9H15M565931                          Cale
  16. 9H15M565932                          Cale
  17. 9H15M565933                          Cale
  18. 9H15M565949                          Dan
  19. 9H15M565957                          Cale                  Autographed by Yarborough
  20. 9H15M565962                          Cale
  21. 9H15M565973                          Dan
  22. 9H15M565562                          Cale                    Registration Incomplete
  23. 9H15M568673                          Cale
  24. 9H15M568741                          Cale
  25. 9H15M568751                          Cale
  26. 9H15M568753                         Cale
  27. 9H15M568759                         Cale                    THOMPSON L/M BALT. MD
  28. 9H15M568763                         Cale                    Incomplete Registration
  29. 9H15M568765                         Cale
  30. 9H15M568767                         Cale                    Car found and verified but not Registered
  31. 9H15M568769                         Cale                   Found and verified
  32. 9H15M568770                         Cale
  33. 9H15M568784                         Dan
  34. 9H15M568787                         Dan
  35. 9H15M568789                         Cale
  36. 9H15M568790                         Dan                    Fling Ford La Grange, CA Have Marti Report
  37. 9H15M568792                            ?
  38. 9H15M568793                         Dan                   Totaled
  39. 9H15M568805                         Dan
  40. 9H15M568814                         Dan
  41. 9H15M568818                         Dan
  42. 9H15M568837                         Cale                   Sirmans Lincoln-Mercury, Waycross GA
  43. 9H15M568864                         Cale
  44. 9H15M568872                         Cale
  45. 9H15M568875                         Cale
  46. 9H15M568881                         Dan                    Sharon Motor Sharon Springs, NC
  47. 9H15M568890                         Cale
  48. 9H15M568901                          Dan
  49. 9H15M568906                         Cale
  50. 9H15M568919                          Dan
  51. 9H15M568920                         Cale                    Parted out.
  52. 9H15M568960                         Dan                    Parted out.
  53. 9H15M569007                            ?
  54. 9H15M569017                          Cale
  55. 9H15M569031                          Cale     
  56. 9H15M569038                         Cale                    Found on eBay 6-18-2015
  57. 9H15M569067                         Dan                    Car has been found and is restomod
  58. 9H15M569928                         Cale                    Car is under restoration, is this the last known Spoiler II? Car was built on March 27, 1969. 


  1. Richard,

    I signed up as a member and found the vin number for one of my Spoiler II’s listed, but it will not let me click on it to see, or update information. Do I need to click on the register link, or is there another way to update information?



    1. I am out of town until Tuesday. If you are current on dues you should be able to see the Registration but not update or change it. You can do a new Registration or email me the changes and I will make them for you.

  2. Found and purchased a Gurney Spoiler II with the help of Marty Burke and Tom Wilson. VIN 9H15M563989 submitted the Marti report to Richard. The car is rough but very restorable missing only the original engine and transmission.
    Rob Hunt
    Howe, Texas

  3. hello my name is Jimmy Brown. I own Spoiler II VIN
    9H15M563947. the car has just finished a complete frame off restoration all components used were Spoiler II used components. I wanted to add a current photo of the car. I have applied for a new Marti Report with all of the documentation.
    I also just purchased Talladega VIN 9A46Q191959. I delivered the Talladega to the restorer Monday 06/24/19.
    thank you
    Jimmy Brown
    817 223 0389

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