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As an owner or potential owner of a Ford/Mercury Aero Car you are already aware of how rare these cars are. If you were around in 1969 or have done your NASCAR history you also know that these cars represent a very important time in racing as well as in the development of racing aerodynamics. This was also truly a time of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”.

Unfortunately, many of these cars have been destroyed over the past 50 plus years. Even a regular production Talladega, Spoiler II and even the Spoiler are becoming extremely difficult to find and nearly impossible to find restoration parts for. As a result, every Talladega, Spoiler, Spoiler II  and related cars are important and significant.

As important as these regular production cars are there are even more important versions. Among these are a few of the prototypes that have been found, pilot cars, first and last production versions as well as special builds. As of this date the following special cars have been found.

Video About Talladega & Spoiler II:

Click here to see video.


As of this time no documented factory prototypes of the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler or Spoiler II have been found. One possible Spoiler prototype has been found but no documentation exists. 

Banjo Matthews, Red Talladega

Banjo Matthews, White Talladega

Special Builds:

Bunkie Knudson, Yellow Talladega

Bill France Signature Talladega

Ralph Moody, Black Talladega

Pilot Cars:

Last Pilot Talladega, one has been found and is currently under restoration.


Production Cars:

First Production Talladega

Last Production Talladega

Not All Spoiler IIs are the Same!

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