Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II VIN & Data Plate

The VIN is located on the driver side dashboard just under the front windshield. It is a small aluminum plate riveted to the dash. This information contained here only applies to Production Spoiler II cars. Information may vary for Prototypes and Pilot cars.

There were 503 Spoiler IIs manufactured; 218 Dan Gurney and 285 Cale Yarborough. As far as it is currently documented all of these cars were identical in options with the exception of two. One Dan Gurney and one Cale Yarborough Spoiler II were built as heater delete. The Dan Gurney car is used for this VIN and Data plate; the Cale Yarborough car has not yet been located an may not currently exist.

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Updated: November 17, 2011

The number should look like this: 9H15M565427.

The -9- represents the model year; 1969.

The -H- represents the assembly plant for all Spoiler IIs this will be the Lorain Assembly Plant.

The -15- represents the body series, for all Spoiler IIs this will be “Cyclone 2-Door Fastback.

The -M- represents the engine and is correct for all Spoiler IIs this represents 351-4V (Windsor).

The -565427- represents the production series. The first production VIN number in the series is unknown at this time and the last in the series is unknown at this time.


The VIN also appears on the Data Plate. The Data Plate is located on the drivers side door and is visible on the door lock face portion of the door. If your door has been replaced it is likely you do not have the correct Data Plate for your car.

The -63A- is the Body Code. All Spoiler IIs will have a 63A, 2-dr Hardtop.

The -MX- is for the Color Code. This car is Wimbledon White and Presidential Blue (Gurney Car) so the code is M (for white) and X (for blue). For a Cale Yarborough Spoiler II the correct color code is MT (M for Wimbledon White and T for Red).

The -4B- is the Trim Code. All Dan Gurney Spoiler IIs will have a 4B Trim Code representing blue vinyl interior with bench seat. All Cale Yarborough Spoiler IIs will have a 4D Trim Code representing red vinyl interior with bench seat.

The -11C- is the Date Code. The first two numbers represent the day of the month and the letter represents the month. This car was scheduled to be built on the 11th of March 1969, the first day of production for the Spoier II is believed to be February 1, 1969. The last day of production of the Spoiler II is believed to be March 31, 1969. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE “DATE” ON THE DATA PLATE IS NOTE YOUR CARS BUILD DATE. YOU SHOULD REFER TO YOUR DELUXE MARTI REBORT FOR THE ACTUAL BUILD DATE.

The -527024- is the DSO (District Code) designation. All Spoiler IIs will have a six digit DSO. Most other Cyclones will only have two digits in this location. All Spoiler IIs will have the same last 4 numbers, -7024-. The first two numbers represent the DSO. These first two numbers could be any of the following:

11 = Boston

15 = New York

16 = Philadelphia

17 = Washington

21 = Atlanta

22 = Dallas

23 = Jacksonville

26 = Memphis

31 = Buffalo

32 = Cincinnati

33 = Cleveland

34 = Detroit

41 = Chicago

42 = St. Louis

46 = Twin Cities

51 = Denver

52 = Los Angeles

53 = Oakland

54 = Seattle

84 = Home Office Reserve

90-99 = Export

The -9- is the Axel Code. All Spoiler IIs will have a 9 (3.25 standard axel ratio).

The -X- is the Transmission Code and all Spoiler IIs will have an X representing the FMX Cruise-O-Matic Transmission.


  1. I am looking for information about a 69 SCJ that I bought new 29/Nov/68

    Warranty Id Card
    9H16R543976 X 51
    63H-20M- V – 6 – 51353

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