Mercury Cyclone Spoiler VIN & Data Plate

The VIN is located on the driver side dashboard just under the front windshield. It is a small aluminum plate riveted to the dash. This information contained here only applies to Production Spoiler cars.

The Spoilers can not be identified by the VIN or Data Plate information. This information can be used to help determine IF YOUR CAR MIGHT be a Spoiler but can not prove it is one! You must obtain a Marti Report for verification if you do not have the factory invoice.

The Spoiler was an option package which provided a minimum level of features. From there the buyer was able to add any additional options from the dealer’s order sheet. You can Click Here to see what the Spoiler Package consisted of. Your car must have at least these options but anyone of them could have been replace by an upgrade or change per the order form. For instance the interior could be changed from the standard Spoiler color to black or other available selection. Likewise the base Spoiler engine would be a 351 4V Windsor but could be upgraded to a 390, 428 CJ, 428 CJ Ram Air or even to the 428 SCJ with Ram Air! Air conditioning could also be added along with a 4-speed to replace the standard transmission.

There were 969 Spoilers manufactured; 352 Dan Gurney and 617 Cale Yarborough.


Updated: November 18, 2011

The number should look like this: 9H15R580827.

The -9- represents the model year; 1969.

The -H- represents the assembly plant for all Spoilers this will be the Lorain Assembly Plant.

The -15- represents the body series, for all Spoiler this will be “Cyclone 2-Door Fastback.

The -R- represents the engine this example is R for the 428 CJ Ram Air. Other possibilities are:

-S- = 390 4V

-Q- = 428 CJ

-R- = 428 CJ Ram Air

The -580827- represents the production series. The first production VIN number in the series is unknown at this time and the last in the series is unknown at this time.


The VIN also appears on the Data Plate. The Data Plate is located on the driver’s side door and is visible on the door lock face portion of the door. If your door has been replaced it is likely you do not have the correct Data Plate for your car.

The -63A- is the Body Code. All Spoiler will have a 63A, 2-dr Hardtop with bench seat OR 63C, 2-dr Hardtop with bucket seats. The 63A would be the base Spoiler option.

The -MT- is for the Color Code. This car is Wimbledon White and Red (Yarborough Car) so the code is M (for white) and T (for red). For a Dan Gurney Spoiler the correct color code is MX (M for Wimbledon White and X for Presidential Blue). All Spoilers MUST have one of these two letter Color Codes. However, have this two letter code DOES NOT make it a Spoiler.

The -4D- is the Trim Code. All base Dan Gurney Spoilers will have a 4B Trim Code representing blue vinyl interior with bench seat and all Cale Yarborough Spoilers will have a 4D Trim Code representing red vinyl interior with bench seat. However, other options could be had, they are:

-4A- = Black vinyl bench seat

-4W- = White vinyl bench seat

-4D- = Dark red vinyl bench seat

-8A- = Black vinyl with Comfortweave bucket seats

-8W- = White vinyl with Comfortweave bucket seats

-8D- = Dark Red vinyl with Comfortweave bucket seats

-4B- = Dark/light blue vinyl bench seat

-8B- = Dark/light blue vinyl with Comfortweave bucket seats

– There are other combinations that were available but likely not used with the colors of these cars

The -20D- is the Date Code. The first two numbers represent the day of the month and the letter represents the month. This car was scheduled to be built on the 20th of April 1969. The date that appears on the Data Plate may or may not be the actual Build Date of the car. You will need to obtain a Deluxe Marti Report to obtain the actual build date. 

The first day of production for the Spoiler is believed to be January 1, 1969. The last day of production of the Spoiler is believed to be July 31, 1969.

The -42- is the DSO (District Code) designation. All Spoiler will have a two digit DSO in this location. Any of the  following DSO numbers could be found on a Spoiler:

11 = Boston

15 = New York

16 = Philadelphia

17 = Washington

21 = Atlanta

22 = Dallas

23 = Jacksonville

26 = Memphis

31 = Buffalo

32 = Cincinnati

33 = Cleveland

34 = Detroit

41 = Chicago

42 = St. Louis

46 = Twin Cities

51 = Denver

52 = Los Angeles

53 = Oakland

54 = Seattle

84 = Home Office Reserve

90-99 = Export

The -A- is the Axel Code. All base Spoilers will have an 9 (3.25 standard 9″ non-locking axel ratio). Other possibilities are:

-A- = 3.50 9″ open

-S- = 3.50 9″ locking

-V- = 3.91 9″ locking (Drag Pack Only)

-W- = 4.30 9″ locking (Drag Pack Only)

The -U- is the Transmission Code and all base Spoilers will have an 1 representing the 3 speed manual transmission. Other possibilities are:

-5- = 4 Speed manual;  wide ratio

-6- = 4 speed manual; close ratio

-U- = C6 automatic

-X- = FMX automatic


  1. all gurney or cale cars have on the door tag speial performance two both say it and if you look at a torino cobra they do not say it.

    1. Hey Tim, My Cale Car & 2 Others I know of Don’t Have The Special Performance Vehicle on The Door Data Tag, I know The Spoiler II Cars & Talladega’s Have it, But I have Never Seen That on A Regular Spoiler Car, I am Not Stating it Never Happened, Our Cars Just Don’t Have it.

  2. I have a gurney car it goes like this body 63c, color is a MX trim is a 8A date is 22A DOS is a 22 axle is a 6 and trans is X vin number is 9H15M552544 and this car has buckets seats in it also I think 351 winsor with auto now is the 22a date feb 2nd of 1969???? any info would be great thank you mark st

    1. Mark, this car is not yet in the Registry please take a few minutes and enter it today! Actually, your build date is January 22, 1969.

  3. Where are the other vin # locations
    I have no door tag- no cowl tag – and a switched dash tag
    There must be numbers under a fender somewhere or frame

  4. I have a woods fine that im a little curious on the vin reads 9H15M616451
    Tag reads 63A M 4D 01G 21 9 X
    Side very faintly has Dan Gurney specail but it has red interior bench seat plus the paint code is M not MT OR MX

    1. Dalton, the car is certainly not a Gurney Spoiler. It does not have the correct color code. Here is how your Data Plate breaks down. 63A=Cyclone 2 door; M=Wimbleton White; 4D=Red bench seat interior; 1G- build date July 1, 1969; 21=Atlanta District build; 9=3:26 oppen rearend; X=FMX automatic. The sequence #616451 would appear to be correct for a early July build. The 9H15M in the VIN tells us it is a 1969 built in Loraine, Ohio with a 351 4 barrel carb. The Dan Gurney decal is most likely just one of those modifications/additions made by a previous owner or could even have been added by a dealer before or after sale.

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