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Last Update: May 27, 2022

We do not have a complete listing of all Spoiler VINs. The only ones we have listed are the VINs we have verified or ones submitted by the owners. The Table below contains the VIN of every regular Production Spoiler that we have information on. Some entries are in a larger type and color; click on these if you are a Team Member and you can view the owner’s Registration information and comments on the car. If you have not yet registered your car please Click Here and do it today; it is FREE.

If you find what you believe is a typo, mistake or if you have a verified missing VIN please email us at

Spoiler VINs and Registered Cars*

*Please note that this list DOES NOT include every possible Spoiler VIN.

Comment: We know 9H15S546378 is a Pre-Spoiler; No Spoilers were built prior to this and possibly more!

(**Please Note: 9H15Q38746   This car has been advertised previously at Mecum and eBay as a Spoiler, it is NOT A SPOILER; it is a Pre-Spoiler/Color Code Car; it has previously been miss-Registered as a Spoiler but is NOT! Please look at our Color Code Registry. Please read this post.

Cale = Cale Yarborough Special Dan = Dan Gurney Special

      Car            VIN                                 Model              Selling Dealer                 


    1. 9H15M537191                     This car has been advertised as a Cale Spoiler, it is not, it is a Color Code/Pre-Spoiler

    2. 9H15M548443                   Cale                   Unknown

    3. 9H15M54811                      Cale                    Athens L/M, Athens, GA   Found on eBay but not Registered

    4. 9H15M548546                   Cale                    Unknown                        Built January 13, 1969

    5. 9H15M548911                    Cale                    Athens L/M, Athens, GA     Built Jan. 14, 1969

    6. 9H15S549179                     Dan                    Unknown                      390 A/C automatic bucket seat console

    7. 9H15M549191                    Dan

    8. 9H15M549417                    Cale

    9. 9H15M549432                   Dan

    10. 9H15M549466                   Dan

    11. 9H15M549481                    Dan

    12. 9H15M549858                   Dan                    Kitchen Boyd LM Bakerskield, CA Restoration Started

    13. 9H15M549900                 Dan

    14. 9H15M550129                   Cale

    15. 9H15S550431                    Dan Foothill Motots, Pasadena CA

    16. 9H15M550432                  Dan                     Herb Stevens, Phoenix, AZ, Have Marti

    17. 9H15M550434                  Cale

    18. 9H15M551011                     Cale

    19. 9H15M551940                   Dan

    20. 9H15M552544                   Dan                    

    21. 9H15M553023                   Dan

    22. 9H15S553046                    Dan                     390 air car

    23. 9H15M553020                  Dan

    24. 9H15Q553469                   Dan                    Borough Motors Inc. Charlotte NC.

    25. 9H15M553458                  Dan                     Car has been found

    26. 8H15M554604                 Cale                     Courtesy L-M Sales

    27. 9H15M555097                  Cale

    28. 9H15R555558                   Cale

    29. 9H15S556724                   Dan                      Lee Motors, Sanford, NC, Have Marti Report

    30. 9H15S556737                    Cale                      Volunteer Linc/Merc, Knoxville, TN Have Marti

    31. 9H15M558432                  Cale

    32. 9H15M558473                  Cale                     Unknown                     Previous owner is looking for this car, please contact this web site if you know its whereabouts.

    33. 9H15M558475                  Cale

    34. 9H15M559288                  Cale

    35. 9H15R559320                   Cale                    This car is not registered

    36. 9H15M559783                  Cale

    37. 9H15M560200                 Cale                    Found, not Registered, just a shell

    38. 9H15R560275                  Dan                      SCJ

    39. 9H15M561604                 Cale                      Heath Motor Co. Carrollton GA

    40. 9H15M561609                  Cale

    41. 9H15M562375                  Cale                     Cox-Fitz Motors Florence, SC

    42. 9H15M565595                  Cale                     Stovall MTR Co GA 30531

    43. 9H15S566938                   Dan

    44. 9H15M568375                   Cale                   Found in NC but not Registered, condition #3

    45. 9H15M568784                  Dan

    46. 9H15M569038                 Cale                     Car has been found but not Registered.

    47. 9H15M575859                   Dan

    48. 9H15Q575943                    Dan

    49. 9H15S575950                    Dan                     Unknown

    50. 9H15R576312                   Cale                     Rosser Massey Ford, Fredericksburg, VA Have Marti Report

    51. 9H15Q576876                   Cale                     Unknown

    52. 9H15R577388                   Cale                     Unknown

    53. 9H15Q577509                   Cale

    54. 9H15Q577938                   Cale                    Unknown

    55. 9H15R577986                   Cale

    56. 9H15M578052                  Dan

    57. 9H15M578065                  Dan                     Hutchinson L/M Royal Oak, MI paired with 580159

    58. 9H15M578461                  Cale

    59. 9H15M578594                  Dan

    60. 9H15M580159                  Cale                    Hutchinson L/M Royal, MI paired with 578065

    61. 9H15R580274                  Cale

    62. 9H15R580819                  Cale

    63. 9H15R580827                  Cale                    Fred Mount Motors Marshalltown, IA

    64. 9H15R581074                  Cale

    65. 9H15R580879                   Dan, Found and solid, SCJ, 430 gear

    66. 9H15M581439                  Dan                    Palomar Garage, Santa Cruz, CA Barn Find

    67. 9H15M581885                  Cale

    68. 9H15M581938                  Cale

    69. 9H15Q582674                   Cale

    70. 9H15Q582929                   Cale                    Sweden

    71. 9H15R583473                   Cale                    Midtown Motors Des Moines IA

    72. 9H15R583804                   Cale

    73. 9H15Q583983                  Cale                      Geiger Ford, West Bend, WI, Have Marti

    74. 9H15R584375                    Cale

    75. 9H15M584484                  Cale

    76. 9H15M584711                    Dan                    Norfolk, VA?

    77. 9H15M585188                   Dan

    78. 9H15S585382                    Cale                   Covington Motor Co., Covington VA

    79. 9H15M585895                   Cale

    80. 9H15Q586410                    Dan

    81. 9H15M586976                   Dan

    82. 9H15M588487                   Dan                   Original owner car

    83. 9H15S588723                     Cale                  Car has been found but not registered, under restoration.

    84. 9H15S589377                     Cale

    85. 9H15R590732                    Dan                    FMOCO Drag Pack

    86. 9H15S591091                      Dan

    87. 9H15S591542                     Cale

    88. 9H15M591717                     Dan

    89. 9H15M591775                    Dan

    90. 9H15R591889                    Cale

    91. 8H15M591932                   Cale                    Found and have Marti Report but not Registered

    92. 9H15R594992                   Cale                    Unknown Drag Pack

    93. 9H15M596127                   Dan

    94. 9H15M596793                   Cale

    95. 9H15M599110                   Dan

    96. 9H15M599933                  Cale

    97. 9H15S604084                   Cale

    98. 9H15M604568                  Cale  

    99. 9H15S605793                    Dan

    100. 9H15S606943                   Cale

    101. 9H15S606988                   Cale                    Vince Motors Perry, IA

    102. 9H15M608173                  Cale

    103. 9H15M610578                  Cale

    104. 9H15S613092                   Dan                     Confirmed, not Registered

    105. 9H15M613743                  Cale

    106. 9H15M613743                   Cale

    107. 9H15M616591                   Cale

    108. 9H15M617137                    Cale                    3 Speed

    109. 9H15M617283                   Cale

    110. 9H15M617312                   Cale

    111. 9H15M617563                   Cale                    Lee Motor Co, Wilson, NC

    112. 9H15M618005                 Cale                     Gutwein Motors, Monon, IN, Have Marti This car was found on eBay for sale but is not Registered. Rare black interior.

    113. 9H15R180827                      ?

    114. 9H15M618152                  Dan

    115. 9H15M618200                  Cale                    L/M Seattle Dist SLS Office

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