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These Ford and Mercury Aero Cars are among the rarest of the American Muscle Cars. This site is dedicated to documenting all that remain. One of most important pieces of documentation you can have for your collector car is an accurate history of the car’s ownership. This records in this Registry can assist you in compiling that documentation. If your car is not yet Registered please do it NOW. If you are a Team Member in good standing we will send you a Registration Certificate within two weeks of the cars Registration. If you are a Team Member and have not received your Certificate please contact me at

Please select the proper submission form complete the registration of your car so it can be added to the registry:


  1. I have just had a 70 mach 1 restored and i want to trade for a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. My first Car as a 17year old in 1977 was a Red/White Cyclone. If you know of anyone interested please let my know and i can send pic’s of the mustang.
    Thanks Tony Logsdon

  2. Thank you for helping me to know that my 69 Cyclone is a “Color Code ” car, not a Spoiler. I’d never been to your website before and , despite owning the car for a dozen years, had never heard the term ” Color Code”. Now it’s like “Of course” things are starting to make sense. They told me the color code missing from the door tag was significant. I got part of a Elite Marti Report back yesterday and it stated my car is a GT, something I didn’t t state in my registration. You might want to add it. I’ve heard it say GT’s weren’t produced in 69 and it might be important. It is such a thrill to see others so fired up on this site, as I am, it gives me a whole new perspective on the Cyclone. I collect old Fords and have many fine examples. One other thing, I stated in my registration that it was ok to make my address known. On second thought could you keep that between us? Thanks for this website, Allen

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