Registered Cyclone Color Code Car VINs

This is the car after restoration.
This is the car after restoration. The hood scoop should only be on 428 cars.

Last Update:

May 26, 2023

This may look like a Cale Yarborough Spoiler without the wing but it isn’t it is the 1969 “Color Code” Cyclone.

This page contains the information for Registered 1969 Mercury Cyclone Color Code cars (some refer to these as the Pre-Spoiler cars). The Table below contains the VIN of every Color Code Cyclone we have information on. Some of the entries are in a larger font and color; click on these if you are a Team Member and you can view the owner’s Registration information and comments on the car. If you have not yet registered your car please Click Here and do it today; it is FREE.

For your Color Code Cyclone to be CONFIRMED the registration must be accompanied by a Marti Report AND REGISTERED ON THIS SITE. We are still attempting to research and fully understand these cars and are unable to confirm a Color Code car without supporting evidence.

If you find what you believe is a typo, mistake or if you have a verified missing VIN please email us at

Color Code (Pre-Spoiler) VINs

Blue = Presidential Blue over Wimbledon White; Red = Red over Wimbledon White

Car     VIN                                Color        Confirmed       Comments

  1. 9H15M448454                                        No

  2. 9H15M48448?                                        No

  3. 9H15R502874                                         No

  4. 9H16R520062             Blank                Yes           Marti Report, Borough Motors, Charlotte, NC

  5. 9H16R520064             Blank                Yes

  6. 9H16R520072                                         No

  7. 9H16R520085             Blank                Yes           Marti Report, Newnan Motors, Newnan, GA

  8. 9H15R520605             Blank                  Yes

  9. 9H16R533699             Blank                 Yes           Marti Report, City Motors, Cartersville, GA

  10. 9H15F534231               Bank                  No

  11. 9H15M535202             Blank                Yes           Marti Report, Daniels Linc-Merc, Augusta GA

  12. 9H16R535702              Blank               Yes            Confirmed but not Registered

  13. 9H15M537191              Blank                Yes            Piedmont Motors, Gastonia, NC; This car has been advertised as a Cale Yarborough Spoiler which it IS NOT!

  14. 9H15M537202         Blank                 Yes            See Marti Report

  15. 9H15M537191                  ?                        No

  16. 9H16R537211               Blank                 Yes           Registered

  17. 9H15M537721              Blank                  Yes Found for Sale.

  18. 9H15M537771              Blank                  Yes Not Registered

  19. 9H15Q538746             Blank                  Yes            Sold at Mecum Palm Beach 2013 as a Spoiler & on eBay as Spoiler it is NOT A SPOILER! Car is on eBay 4/20/18.

  20. 9H15S539219             Blank                  Yes, with Marti

  21. 9H16R539236             Blank                  No

  22. 9H16R539244             Blank                  Yes

  23. 9H15F539253              Blank                  Yes

  24. 9H15H539263             Blank                  No

  25. 9H16R539773             Blank                   Yes            Updated, new owner; Mecum Auction Purchase, Marti Report, Dave Snelling L/M Houston, TX

  26. 9H15F541181              Blank                   Yes            Hardister Ford, Belzoni, MS, Have Marti Report; City Motors, Cartersville, GA

  27. 9H15F541191              Blank                   Yes

  28. 9H15R541429             Blank                  Yes

  29. 9H16R542747             Blank                  Yes

  30. 9H15S546378             Blank                   No               Found on eBay 5-29-2014

  31. 9H15F546419              Blank                  Yes           Found, very poor condition

  32. 9H15M5484443                                        NO



  1. We just bough #25 from eBay picking the car up 6/16 planning on doing a complete restoration. I also had one that I sold to a guy in Tipp city Ohio back in the early 1990’s sorry do not have the vin to that car. As soon as I get more info I will register the car.

    1. Congratulations! You don’t have to bring the car but come on down to our Reunion August 5-7 in Murfreesboro, TN. You can talk to guys who know these cars and help with questions on the restoration.

      1. Thanks We may do that. I am luck to have Marty Burk close by. I have the Marti report and would like to get that info to the regestry how do I do that? Thanks Rob

  2. Number 22 is it registered? And is it a actual color code car I’m having trouble understanding the system here

  3. I have the report on #22 what are you looking for? Not sure how to send it. It’s a 63H 1 of 101 paint code. The Marti report just says special paint ford # unknown.

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