Prototypes are the cars that were built from Fairlanes/Torinos that were pulled off the assembly line and converted into Talladegas. These were not cars intended to be sold to the general public. They were built to test the concept and design alternatives. They were also used as early examples of the 1969 Talladega for use in sales and marketing aids.

In some cases these cars may have been destroyed in crash tests or “used up” in other tests.

We currently know of between 7 too 9 1969 Prototypes having been built. Of those we know the whereabouts and condition of 6 of these cars. The following list will provide you with a summary of the cars as well as provide a photo (were available) of the car. Additional information on these rare automobiles can be found else where on this site for Members.

In addition to the 1969 Prototypes there were also 2 examples of the 1970 Prototypes that never made it into production. One is the Ford King Cobra and the other the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II. The two of these cars have also been included in this list.

1969 Talladega Prototypes:

1.  VIN: 9A42R100085 / Maroon / Current condition and owner unknown; if you have any information on this car please contact us.

2.  VIN: 9H42R109943 / Red / Former Banjo Matthews car currently fully restored and owned by Jason Thompson, TN; To read more about the Red Banjo Prototype Talladega Click Here.

3. VIN: 9H42R109949 / Red / This car is unknown and may not have ever existe if you have any information on this car please contact us.

4.  9H42Q111881 /White / Former Banjo Matthews car currently in original condition and owned by Jason Thompson, TN. To read more about this Banjo Matthers White Prototype, Click Here.

5.  9A46R121309 / Black / Being restored by original owner’s son, Ralph Moody. It is a “R” code car with the Ram Air system, PS/PB/AC.  It has the standard  black interior (bench front and back), C6 automatic, and all Black exterior. (hood color matches body). To read more about the Ralph Moody Black Talladega please Click Here.

6.  9A46Q172877 / White / Known as the Bill France Signature car, in original condition and owned by Mike Teske, TN. To read more about the Bill France  Signature Talladega Prototype, Click Here.

7.  9H46Q180695 / Yellow / This car has previously been listed as a Prototype but in reality was a Ford Cobra Torino modified by the factory and built special for Ford Motor Company President, Semeon “Bunkie” Knudsen. This car is currently being restored by Michael Troell, MI. To learn more and follow the restoration of the “Bunkie” Talladega, Click Here.

8.  9A46Q185156 / Green / Crash tested

9.  9A46Q185157 / Unknown / Crash tested

1970 Prototypes:

These cars are extremely rare and unusual. Both were originally built by Ford Motor Company as Prototypes for the next round in the NASCAR Aero Wars. You might consider the King Cobra as a replacement from the very successful 1969 Ford Talladega and the Spoiler II as the evolution of the 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II.

Ford was coming out with a completely new body for its Torino and Cyclone models which meant that to be competive on the NASCAR Super Speedways they needed to be more slippery than  the 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Before these two wild cars could go into production Ford Motor Company decided to pull out of all racing. Obviously, if you don’t race you don’t need special race car bodies and they never saw production.

Ford King Cobra:

To Read more about the 1970 King Cobra Prototype, Click Here.


  1. What can you tell me about my car with this VIN# 9A46Q145347. I was to it is a Talladega Tribute car. She’s beautiful but Im new and would like to learn more history. The data tag reads: 63B S 1A 12L 28 0 U

    Thanks for your help!


    1. I am not sure what you mean by “Talladega Tribute Car”? Does it have a Talladega front end on it? The VIN says it is a 1969 model year built in Atlanta, 2 door fastback with a 428 CJ engine. The Data Plate reads that it is a 2 door 500 fastback Fairlane, I do not recognize an “S” paint code, the trim would be black cloth and vinyl, build date of November 12, 1968, DSO is Louisville, axle of 3.00:1, transmission is C6. Do you have a picture you can send to

    2. I forgot to add that your build sequence would put it around the same time as some of the prototypes, specials and pilot cars but there were thousands of other Fairlanes/Torinos also build in this time frome.

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