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In addition to the obvious Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II we have chosen to include some of the other special Mercury cars from 1968 and 1969 in our Registry. We have supplied additional information on each of the cars as well as our justification for including them as part of the Talladega/Spoiler II Family.

1969 Spoiler

1969 Spoiler II

1969 and 1970 Prototypes

1969 Cyclone Color Code

1968 Cyclone GT 500

There were two versions of both the Spoiler and Spoiler II. Who were Cale Yarborough and Dan Gurney?

Cale Yarborough

Dan Gurney

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  1. I finished my Montego sometime around 2008, and took it to the Miami Lakes auto show (links with photos below) shortly afterwards. The 2nd link has numerous photos of the car, and John McDonald was kind enough to put the photos on his website. His entire site is full of great old cars, of particular interest is the Kaiser / Fraiser cars.

    Note the front spoiler I made. I’m still disappointed that I never found a single Cyclone owner that had a front spoiler that looked like this. This was the spoiler I made, which looked as close as I remember to the one I saw on a new 70 yellow Cyclone GT with white interior, parked on the alignment rack at my trade school in Milford Nebraska, early in the 70 model year…. the new car sticker was still on the left rear window, and listed the front and rear spoiler. Price was about 3,800. Car also had 4 speed Hurst floor shifter.
    I still remember staring at the front of this car for a good long time, I was so impressed.
    I dropped the front floor 2 inches and some other floor modifications to accommodate the split bench seats from a 77 Cougar. The stitching on the 77 Cougar seats strangely matches the original 70 door panels even better than the stitching used on the 70 bench seats. Robert Day sold me an extra roof rail, so the car has a little extra roof support, having that installed over the rear seat (of coarse it can’t be seen with the headliner installed.) Exhaust pipes are copper from the mufflers to the back of the car.
    Just put a set of BFG T/A’s on the car, and had the front suspension done, new tie rod ends, control arm bushings, alignment, front shocks etc.
    Engine is from a 93 mustang.

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