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We all know that David Pearson won the 1969 NASCAR driver’s championship in the #17 Talladega and that Richard Petty finished second in his Talladega, the only year he ever drove a Ford. I am sure all of us know who Cale Yarborough is and have heard the name Dan Gurney but do you know who he is? How about some of the other drivers that piloted the Talladegas or Spoiler IIs? Here is a list which we will be updating with new information and photos of cars they drove. If I have missed anyone please let me know and send some information on them.


A. J. Foyt

-Ben Arnold

Benny Parsons

-Bill Seifert

Bobby Unser

-Bobby Allison

-Cale Yarborough

-Dan Gurney

David Pearson

Dick Trickle

Donnie Allison

-Ed Negre

-Freddie Lorenzen

-Hoss Ellington

-James Hylton

-Jim Hurtubise

-Joe Leonard

-John Sears

LeeRoy Yarbrough

Richard Petty

-Swede Savage

-Tiny Lund

Race Cars:

Spoiler II Dragster

-Talladega Dragster

-Benny Parsons ARCA Car

-Benny Parsons Tribute Car


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