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We all seem to like to work on cars. We all love the Talladega and Spoiler cars but some of us just love cars and our interests sometimes even venture into other brands. However, for most of us we stay true to the Blue when taking on a new project. Many of you know Rick Stanton who has the beautiful and very fast Boss 429 powered Benny Parson tribute Talladega that was featured on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine a few years back. Rick just sent me an update on his little grocery getter Pinto. Oh, his grocery store must only be a quarter mile down the street!

Since you know Rick and know his skill set by what he accomplished with the Talladega you know what this little Pinto must be like. If you want to read more on Rick’s Talladega, Click Here.

Rick sent along the following information and photos of what has to be a wild ride.

The car is a 1971 Pinto that is now a little more of a Stallion! The heart of this hoof beat is a very nasty 782 HP Cleveland that we also did a piece on a while back; Check it out by Clicking Here. Here are some pictures of what the Cleveland looks like as it’s being installed into Rick’s beautiful but far from original 1971 Pinto.

The Cleveland is mounted 4 1/2 ” farther back then the 302 that was in there before the heart transplant. That required the drive shaft to be shortened 4 1/2″.

The car with driver weighs in at 2750 lbs. That Rick predicts will translate into 8.75 E.T. @ 154 MPH.  We will be waiting for the actual time slip! If I know Rick, come hell or high water he will keep tweaking until he gets there if not on the first pass!.

The car will still look like the picture provided here but will have a Snorkel Hood like the Vega in the back ground.

Rick, keep us uptodate on your progress and let us know what else is in the garage.


Some of my first and strongest memories from my childhood relate to cars. I still remember when things happened based on what car I was driving at the time. I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee. I was a Corvette fanatic for years but then re-discovered vintage American Muscle. My wife, Katrina, and I decided we wanted to focus on unique and rare muscle cars. After a lot of research we fell in love with the Ford Blue Oval Aero Cars. These were only built in 1969 and and aerodynamics became an important part of winning races. The only purpose of these limited production cars was to win NASCAR races using the Boss 429 and 427 power plants complimented with a special, wind cheating, aerodynamic body. The Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II are terrific and historic cars. This site is devoted to these car and their owners past and present. We provide an Online Registry for recording the long term history and ownership of every remaining Talladega, Spoiler and Spoiler II.

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  1. Rick,

    Great job on your “My Little Pony” project!

    It sort of reminds me of a Pinto that one of my Economics college professors tried to sell me my senior year at Hanover College. It was a 73 with a 351 W under the stock hood. (It was a very serious sleeper machine.)

    I don’t think anyone will confuse this with a sleeper; but, I’m sure it will give the competition some serious nightmares.

    Great job!


    1. Hi Carl & Patti,
      I just saw this today. Here’s a little more info.
      I’m Building a 71 Pinto my Daughter Mechelle and I have been drag racing with a stock 302..
      Intending to put the Cleveland I built for it in the Pinto when the engine blows up.
      I couldn’t blow it up even with a 200 shot of Nitrous, the car ran 7.06 e.t.@ 94 mph in the 1/8 mile, with a 1.45 60′ time.
      I figured it would break a rod or the crank, didn’t happen, I gave the engine away.
      This Cleveland makes 782.5 hp @ 8,000 rpm and 545 lb. ft. of torque @ 7,000 rpm with a stock block 4 bolt main.
      The engine has old Robert Yates Nascar heads made in 1999, a Roush Racing Intake and Dry Sump System.
      The new engine should run 8.75 e.t. @ 154 mph @ 2,750 lbs. with a driver.
      When Bob Glidden and “Dyno” Don Nicholson ran Cleveland’s in there Pinto’s , they were making 650 hp with a Tunnel Ram and 2- 1050 Dominators.
      My Cleveland is making 132.5 hp more then they where and the Cleveland only has 1- 1,000 cfm carb., Isn’t Technology GREAT!
      This engine is making 2.07 hp / cu. in.,
      When the Cleveland came out in 1970, the 4 barrel engine, hyd. cam, made 300 hp , the 1971 Boss 351 made 330 hp, not even 1 hp /
      If you want to see the engine run on the dyno, here is a link:
      it’s all fun.
      Hope to make it to Colorado Springs for the next event.
      Rick Stanton

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