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Talladega Spoiler II Front Bumpers; Part 2

If you never go to the bottom of a Post or one of our Pages to look for Comments you are missing 50% of what this site has to offer. Last time Chris Vick provided us with an article on his experiences with building a replacement bumper for his Spoiler II. That article generated, to date, two Member Comments with additional information and clarification. In the original article I also asked the question “if the bumper brackets for the Talladega and Spoiler II are the same?” and we only got one response. Of course, Guru Rick Ochs knew the correct answer and went on to provide even more valuable info. If you missed the Comments here are the edited versions.

Rick Ochs: The bumpers were cut in five locations with two sections not being put back in, this is how the bumper was narrowed. The cuts must be made perfectly straight. It is clear by the pictures that the cuts on Vick’s bumper were not made straight. Take a close look at the cut above the plate location on the front end picture of the bumper. You can also see from the picture of the back side that the cut was made off center.

Regarding the bumper brackets, the Spoiler II uses a different right and left outer arm C9GY-177754-A and C9GY-17755-A. Also, the Inter right and left bracket arms are different: C9GY-17766-A and C9GY-17767. Note, these parts carry the “G” and not the “O” for the Torino. So in short, the brackets are not the same on a Talladega as on a Spoiler II.

Alan Miller: Alan says that a 2 1/8″ chunk was cut from each side of the front bumper. That means the Talladega/Spoiler II bumpers are 4 1/4″ narrower than the rear bumper. The angle of the bumper is the same as the grille. Part of the bracket that mounts to the frame is from a 1966 Fairlane. Alan was able to read the number on an original bracket. You can use two bent bumpers to make one as long as they bent on opposite sides. He made a bumper and brackets by coping an original set .

This is a Talladega bumper bracket. Notice that it has three bolts holding it to the frame.

Ok, so we know the two sets of front bumper brackets are different but what do they look like? What are the differences? Here are some photos of each.

This is a Talladega bumper bracket. Notice that it has three bolts holding it to the frame.
This is a Spoiler II bumper bracket. Notice that it has two bolts holding it to the frame.
This is a Spoiler II bumper bracket. Notice that it has two bolts holding it to the frame.


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  1. The frontmost “third bolt” is not a bracket to frame bolt. It is a bolt/nut the attach the side bracket to the main bracket. Someone blew the measurement so to provide clearance for the bolt (so you could put a socket/wrench on it) The assembly line simply beat the front frame flange backwards! When I first saw this I thought my car had been hit HARD in the front but such was not the case. Both sides are the same, And I have seen this on several other Ts. Will send Richard some pictures of mine….

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