Mercury Cyclone Color Code

This is a Color Code car and it has Ram Air. Most Color Code cars will not have a hood scoop. All Spoilers will have a hood scoop but only Ram Air cars will have functional scoops.

The 1969 Mercury Cyclone Color Code cars are some of the least know cars in the Registry. We are just now starting to learn about them. Since these cars were actually not even discovered until just a few years ago. Many don’t even know what they are. We are still learning about these cars almost every day and have only just begun to get VINs on them. I get calls on a regular basis from fellows who think they have a Cale Yarborough Spoiler but it doesn’t have a hood scoop, wing or decals. We walk through the numbers to determine what it is.

As best we can determine all Color Code Cyclones were built in late 1968 as early production 1969 cars. They are regular Cyclones and DO NOT have the Spoiler option. It is assumed that these cars can be equipped in any way you could build a regular Cyclone plus a special color code would have been ordered that resembled the later Cale Yarborough (red over white) or Dan Gurney (blue over white) Spoilers. Just a note, I have yet to find a validated Dan Gurney Color Code car. I assume they exist but no one has brought one to me yet.

After the factory began to produce the Spoilers on January 1, 1969 there would have been no need for the Color Code option. (We do not believe this was an option as such but merely a special paint code ordered by the dealer or the retail buyer at an extra cost. However, we have no information to prove this.)

Color Code cars will not have a rear spoiler/wing and Spoilers may or may not have them.

The Color Code cars will not have the hood scoop unless they are Ram Air cars and will not have the rear spoiler/wing. They will also not have the Yarborough or Gurney “signature” decals or “Spoiler” decals on the rear fenders. However, any owner could have added these over the years thing they had a real Spoiler. If you are looking at a possible Spoiler MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE DATE CODE ON THE DATA PLATE to make sure the car was built in calendar year 1969. If it has a 1968 build date it is most likely a Color Code car.

All owners are encouraged to obtain a Marti Report to verify weather their car is a Spoiler or Color Code car.

Owning a Color Code car is not a bad thing. It is also very rare just simply not a Spoiler. At the current time we have no information on the total production of Color Code cars.

If you have any additional information on these cars or help clarify any of our assumptions PLEASE pass it along to us. Send to:

Any interior available in a Cyclone could be found in a Color Code car.


  1. I have had many Mustangs over the years (my first one at the age of 12) and a few Torinos BUT I am new to the Cyclone cars. I am looking at a purchase that has the Dan Gurney colors (door code MX)has rear spoiler,duel hood stripes & is a 390 4 speed factory car. No Spoiler or Gurney graphics to be seen. How can I decode a true spoiler car? They all can not be CJ’s , can they?? Any help woulp be great, Thank you. Mike

    1. Mike, The Spoiler is one of the most difficult cars to verify. You have started in one of the most important with the paint code. MX is correct for the Spoiler but is also correct for “Paint Code” cars. The next thing to check is the rest of the data plate. For a real Spoiler the Date Code will be between 1A and 31G (that translates to January 1 thru July 31). The number is the day of the month and the Letter is the month with the first month of the year corresponding to the first letter of the alphabet. The Spoiler was an option package and made up a minimum trim level but could contain additional options. For instance the base engine for a Spoiler would be a 351 4v but that could be upgraded to any engine from the 390, 428 CJ or even 428 SCJ! Ram Air could also be added. The very best way to document your Spoiler is to obtain a Marti Report from Marti Autoworks.

      1. Richard, Thanks to your website I have learned a lot of information today! If I can get to this car I will probably purchase it (320 miles to go look at it) so I am going on phone tag information as of now. I did not know about the “Paint Code Cars” until today, that is probably what this car is. Here is the Vin & door tag info:9H156S////// Body-63A,Color-MX,Trim-4A,Date-08D,DSO-34,Axel-R,Trans-5 I think I have all of this decoded correctly but that’s where I had confusion on the Spoiler I & II Options & where to find them. I want to thank you again for the help !! Mike

        1. Michael, Your data plate decodes as: 390 4-Speed with 3.25 rear gear; black bench seat and built for the Detroit DSO. The build date of April 8 suggests it is a real Spoiler. Remember, the decals on the side that say Cyclone Spoiler and Dan Gurney were installed at the dealer and not the factory. Many of these never got installed. Same is true of the rear wing/spoiler. These also were not always installed.

  2. Richard, I own a 69 cyclone 428scj drag pack car my dad bought new and would like some info on it
    it is an automatic, functional ram air, 391 locker,oil cooler,light ivy gold color, the black hood scope,flat back hood stripes and c stripes with decals of 428 cj on fenders and cyclone cj on rear quarters, it never had a spoiler on the trunk, bucket seats with center console,
    w nose front end

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