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Update on Petty Torino

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I received an update on last week’s article on the Petty Torino. Joshua Kupka was the previous owner of the car in our article and he provided the following clarifications.

“I have talked with Kevin Marti and he stated that they made 200 of these and they came with several types of engines but all had the same interior code. He does not believe that there were any brochures or literature sold with the cars as back then it was not a big deal for rare promotion cars just to be sold with no hoopla about them to the general public.

The car has had one repaint that I know of due to the fact the door jams, under hood, under trunk etc are still the original Petty Blue but the newer paint job is a shade darker. The car will need a painted as it has some bumps and bruises (dents) but no rust holes thru the body or undercarriage but there is minor surface rust and bubbling appearing the lower quarters and fenders, your typical Torino places. For some reason the are more dents on the roof than the body. The underneath is in great shape. The paint is chipped, scratched and been dabbed over. The chrome is in good shape, interior is next to perfect with only needing weather stripping to complete it, as the original pieces are dry rotted. There are no missing parts except for the smog that I’m aware of.”

Joshua also provided a Marti Report for the car.


Marti Report 001


In addition Joshua provided us with a Marti Report another Petty Torino.


These documents clearly give us a slightly different perspective of the car we featured last week as well as the story on the Petty Torinos in general. As more and more owners come forward with information and documentation on their cars we will be able to paint a more detailed picture of these cars. I should also point out what may be obvious to most and that is the number 43 and other graphics on the car did not come from the factory. In the meantime these will be the first two cars in our Registry, you can Click Here to Register your Petty Torino now.




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