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Ask a Guru; Part 2

WheelScan0005 (Small)Here are some more questions regarding the restoration of the underside of a Talladega or Cyclone.

  1. Question: What are the correct colors for the shocks on a Talladega and Spoiler? What are the correct paint dobs on each?
    • Answer: From Marty Burke; The shock color for a Spoiler II: Shock body semi-gloss black with front shocks get Yellow paint dabs while the rear shocks get Red dabs.
    • Answer: From Rick Ochs; The shock color for on a Talladega for both front and rear shocks was Black; the front two carried a red paint dab and the rear two carried a white dab. 
    • Rick Ochs also added some comments on the previous questions regarding the leaf springs and underside paint:
      • As to the rear springs they were raw steel but on a lot of restored cars the spring’s are painted a Natural Gray Spring paint from Eastwood.  If you look at a copy of a Talladega build sheet you will see the rear spring line ID marking’s as Br (brown) / YL (yellow) / YL (yellow). This means that the factory springs will have on Brown and two Yellow stripes.
      • As far as underside paint from the factory this depends somewhat on the plant and model; for the most part the Talladegas were just a primer Red with over spray from the gun when rocker panels were painted and other parts such as wheel wells.


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