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What is it?

Questions of all kinds often cross my desk. Some are easy and common and some are unusual. I recently had one from Frank Durso about a bracket he found under his Talladega. He wanted to know if it was exclusive to the Talladega or did the Spoiler II also have this part. Here is a photo.

Ok, so where is this located and what is its purpose on the Talladega?

STOP: Before you go any further and read the rest of the article where is this located on your Talladega and what is its purpose?

True fully, I had no idea when Frank asked but I knew there were at least two people who would know. I immediately reached out to Chris Vic and Tom (Dr. Cyclone) Wilson for their input. Let me continue by saying I did go out to my garage and crawl under some more cars. First up was the Talladega so that I could confirm this part was on other Talladegas and not just Frank’s. It was on mine as well.

Next up I crawled under the Spoiler II. Yes, it was there as well. Now the question was; is this part only on the long nose cars or is it on all the Fairlane/Torino/Cyclone bodies. I then went to the Spoiler for a look. Yes, it was there as well. However, as you can see by the pictures below the installation of this part is far from precise and very crude. Even though it is a factory installation, it does not look like a “Ford; Job 1” product to me.

Have you figured out where this part is or what it is for yet?

Ford Talladega

The suspense will last no longer. Below are the three photos I took of my cars with this part shown. Look closely at the difference in how they are installed. I have also included the responses and descriptions from Chris and Tom of what these parts are.

Chris Vic:

Richard, yes all midsize cars have this part. All inside sheet metal is the same on all the cars. Only changes would be to the exterior sheet metal. And yes, they are not put on very straight. There is a big difference in the 2 sides on my car. What is important is that the hole you see in the middle of the part is the alignment hole between two parts. About a 1/2 diameter hole.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

Tom Wilson:

Hey Richard, That part is on all cars and the best idea I have for it would be to transfer some of the load from the torque box to the rocker.They were placed rather haphazardly┬áin place and hit with a spot welder. I had one that I replaced due to rot and it was way out of kilter.I put the replacement back in straight. I couldn’t stand to put it back the way it was. It looks so much better than the Monday (hungover) or Friday (screw it) installation.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

So there you have it; the part is located in the underside of the car directly behind the front wheels and abuts the inside edge of the rocker panel.

Did you get it right? Leave a comment below, Yes or No.




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  1. If you look you will find 4 of these, the 2 you are talking about and 2 more right behind the front tires, Drivers side one the fuel line passes threw. Ford calls these “Gusset(s)” and are to support the floor side member to the front side member. They are part of section 10194 and 5 Left & Right sides.

    In the Blue Print drawing’s we have from Kar Kraft and notes it states ” The Gusset’s on the 63 body code insures support to the inter and outer floor side members.” Note Gusset’s are same on body code 63, 54, & 65 but like on body code 76 they are a bit different. This was noted by Kar Kraft in the Blue Prints for the making of the re-rolled rockers and the crash testing needed for the rocker change because of the uni-body of the Torino/Fairlanes and in this case as the Spoiler and Spoiler II are of the same floor pan lay out the Spoiler II did not need crash testing. Noted in Ford paper work.

      1. I figured out what it was, but only because there in NOT any there on my 66 and most of what’s under there is very similar…..

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